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Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is the excess proliferation of tissue on the male chest that affects up to 20 percent of all males. The appearance can range from puffy nipples to full-blown female-like breast development. The negative impact on the male psyche is the primary reason for gynecomastia surgery. The Austin Gynecomastia Center (AGC) at Westlake Plastic Surgery is nationally recognized for excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecomastia. Dr. Caridi has one of the busiest gyno practices anywhere and treats over 200 gyno cases each year with patients traveling from all over the world to see Dr. Caridi.

Gynecomastia is believed to be caused by an imbalance in the sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen). The most common cause is the persistence of chest fullness after breast development in adolescence. Less common causes are medical problems, medications, and the utilization of pro hormones, hormones or steroids by weight lifters. Regardless of the cause, gynecomastia is a benign condition that doesn’t harm you apart from the inconvenience and embarrassment factors.

Dr. Caridi discusses gynecomastia treatment with surgery


Treatment of gynecomastia is surgical. There are no non-surgical alternatives that work. The vast majority of cases require the use of liposuction and tissue removal with a small incision around the areola. After treating thousands of cases of gyno, I have come to the conclusion that the key to surgical success is knowing what the patient wants and contouring the chest masterfully. The goal is a masculine appearance of the chest and the removal of the offending tissue.

Dr. Caridi discusses the gynecomastia surgery recovery process

Your Surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon is very important because this will determine the quality of your outcome. Experience matters when it comes to any procedure, and in the case of gynecomastia, most surgeons don’t see many of these cases. I see over 200 gynecomastia surgery patients every year for treatment, and they come from across the nation and from overseas.

Only consider surgeons who have proven expertise in this area and who have a reputation for treating gyno successfully. Think twice about the surgeon who only occasionally treats gynecomastia in his or her practice. Treatment of gynecomastia in my practice is common and routine. We have treatment down to an art.

Dr. Caridi talks about getting rid of gynecomastia forever

Price of Gynecomastia Surgery

“How much does gynecomastia surgery cost?” I get this question all the time. Determining cost is one of the hardest questions to answer without the benefit of a formal consultation with Dr. Caridi. Every surgery is different and the cost for services depends on each individual’s wants and needs, complexity, risk, and body type.

I offer my patients an easy way to find out how much their treatment could cost. Using my Virtual Consultation service, you can upload pictures of yourself and send them to me along with information about your specific condition and goals and I will get back to you via email. You don’t even have to leave your home!