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Patient Details

This is a 29 year old young man who complained of breast fullness since puberty. It bothered him as a 9/10. I rated it as a 4/10. On exam he has some “roundness” of the chest area on both sides and I could appreciate some gland under each nipple-areola complex. He is seen here about a year out from gynecomastia surgery with the cartilage shaver and liposuction.

This was done with a small incision on the side of his chest area. He had to come back for a small amount of fluid on his right side that was treated by removing it with a syringe and needle. I also injected a small about of steroids.

When I examined him I didn’t find anything abnormal, and all the scarring was gone. He had been “working” his chest area as instructed with finger massage and the roller.

He is happy with his outcome. I can clearly see a HUGE difference in his “aura” and his self-confidence. This couldn’t be a better outcome for both he and I.

Lessons to learn:

  1. You can’t see any scars. The incision along his chest healed perfectly.
  2. The Cartilage shaver worked very well in his case.
  3. The “hard healing” that he experienced in the weeks after surgery has completely resolved and his tissues are very normal a year later. This is the usual story – it takes a year or longer for all the tissues to soften to “normal”.
  4. The improvement in his emotional well-being is quite impressive and a source of great satisfaction for us. This is why we are privileged to treat gynecomastia – it can really help someone with a difficult problem that just won’t go away on its own.
  5. Fifty percent or more of my patients are from out of town. This has worked quite well for us as we have mastered how to manage these patients to make it as easy as possible for them to get treated at the Austin Gynecomastia Center.
  6. The visual changes in his chest are modest. There is less roundness for sure and the nipple areola complexes are smaller and darker in color and less puffy.
  7. He works out more often and harder now that he doesn’t have to deal with his gyno. It’s nice to be liberated from this curse of sorts.

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