Excessive Pain After a Breast Enhancement

Pain after breast enhancement generally lasts several weeks, anything after that is uncommon. Submuscular placement of implants is associated with more discomfort than subglandular implant placement. Breast augmentation is also associated with a feeling of pressure that resolves after the breast has settled and softened.

Complaints of “stingers,” or “lightning bolts,” are not infrequent during the first six months after surgery. This is probably related to stretching of the sensory nerves. It will resolve by itself, with time and massage.

“Pinpoint” pain in the first year after surgery may be a result of a cut nerve that has developed a “neuroma.” This is usually found along the sides of the breasts. Stretching and massage may help this condition.

Probably the most common cause of breast pain is a breast contracture. Treatment of this problem varies, but usually consists of implant exchange, pocket adjustment, or pocket change, as well as a capsulectomy (excision of the scar around the breast implant). Breast pain is usually not a symptom caused by breast cancer.

Pain requiring prescription pain medications after the first six weeks after a breast enhancement is very unusual and may be a sign of psychological dependency on pain medications. A referral to a pain specialist may be recommended by your surgeon in cases of unusual or excessive pain after a breast enhancement.

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