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'Snoopy' Breast Condition In Austin, TX


The Snoopy breast condition or tubular breasts occurs when breast implants are used in patients whose breasts are narrow, creating an appearance like the nose of Snoopy the dog. The breast tissue fails to flatten and form to the shape of the underlying round implant, and it looks like a separate hill sitting on top of the breast implant. The nipple-areola complexes are widened and puffy in appearance-this is breast tissue that is herniating or extending into the areola itself.

The best procedure to fix a Snoopy breast condition is a “donut” mastopexy. This is a circular incision around the areola and the removal of a donut-shaped portion of skin. Your surgeon may splay the constricted tissue and use a Gortex® suture for final closure, flattening the puffiness of the nipple-areola complexes and keeping the areolas from spreading afterward.

What is the best incision for placement of a breast implant if I have tubular breasts? 

Usually an incision around the areola would be recommended, and the implant could be placed through the same incision.

Would compression alone flatten the appearance of a Snoopy breast? 

Compression is unlikely to have much effect.

If I have Snoopy breasts, is it better to have my breast implants above or below the muscle? 

Implant position above or below the muscle will probably have no effect on the appearance of the breast.

What are some of the complications associated with a “donut” lift for Snoopy breasts? 

The scar can spread after surgery, and the areola can spread and appear wide. The Gortex® suture has revolutionized this procedure, though, as it works magnificently to reduce these complications.

Will the “donut” lift for Snoopy breasts affect my ability to breast-feed? How about sensation? 

The lift can interfere with the ability to breast-feed, and it may reduce sensation to the nipple-areola complexes. However, both are uncommon.

Is Snoopy breast something that I have to fix? 

Absolutely not. It’s a cosmetic fix only.

I have narrow breasts, but I don’t want incisions around my areolas. What are my options? 

The only way to change the appearance of puffy areolas is to have the incision around the areola. When the incision is done by a professional, the results are quite impressive.

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