Malposition of Nipple-Areola Complexes

The position of the nipple, as it relates to the breast mound, is critical. If it is too low, it can make the breast appear saggy and tired. If it is too high, it looks unnatural, and can pop out of your bra or bathing suit. Nipple areola malposition can occur with all breast surgeries, not just when breast implants are used.

Several different factors can account for malposition between the breast and nipple-areola complex. A breast implant contracture often results in a firm breast that is misshapen. When a breast “bottoms out,” the implant moves down, while the nipple-areola complex moves up. Implants that have not settled low enough usually result in a nipple-areola complex that appears on the bottom of the breast. A breast that needed a lift but was augmented alone may have a full upper breast with low lying nipple-areola complexes.

The treatment for malpositioning of the nipple-areola complex usually involves adjusting the implant, the breast, or both. Moving the implants into the correct position relative to the nipple-areola complex is a sure fix. Moving or adjusting the breast tissue and skin on top of a well positioned implant will improve symmetry tremendously.

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