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Breast Implant Replacement In Austin, TX

Breast Implant Replacement with Westlake Plastic Surgery

Replace Your Old Breast Implants

There are several reasons why a woman might choose to replace her implants. In some cases, women replace their implants after 10-15 years to reduce their risk of rupture or other complications. In others, women might choose to alter the size, placement, or type of their implants for a more desirable look or feel. Increasingly, women are downsizing their implants for a more subtle, natural look. Austin breast implant replacement provider Westlake Plastic Surgery helps women with implants to achieve their ideal results. We strive to deliver the best breast implant replacement Austin has to offer. Our breast procedure specialists offer a personalized approach to ensure you achieve a look that reflects your uniquely beautiful look and lifestyle.

What is Breast Implant Replacement?

Achieve Your Ideal Look

Breast implant replacement surgery replaces your old breast implants with new ones. Breast implant replacement aims to improve your breast shape and size to meet your preferences. Depending on your goals for treatment, breast implant replacement can involve increasing or decreasing your implant size, lifting your breasts, reducing breast tissue, or other procedures designed to sculpt and position the breasts. As more and more women are pursuing natural-looking breasts that are proportional to their body type, breast implant replacement using smaller implants is rising. While most women choose implants between 275cc and 375cc, we have placed implants as small as 175cc and as large as 800cc. Breast implant replacement is also a viable option for women who have experienced complications with their implants, such as encapsulation or rupture, but who would still like to enjoy the benefits of breast implants.

What Are The Benefits of Breast Implant Replacement?

Personalize your procedure.

If you had breast implants placed in Austin, Texas, years ago, you might be considering breast implant replacement surgery. Breast implant replacement surgery replaces outdated, dysfunctional, or nonideal breast implants with fresh ones. Changing or improving the appearance of the breasts while upgrading the implant material is frequently the goal. Benefits of your breast implant replacement procedure may include:

  • Larger implants
  • Smaller implants
  • Breast reduction
  • Encapsulation repair
  • Enhanced symmetry
  • Repositioning the breasts
  • Implant placement above or below the chest muscle
  • Replacing implants that are old and more prone to rupture
  • Adjustment to the size or placement of the nipple-areolar complex
  • A lifted appearance, with the breasts resting higher on the chest wall
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Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Implant Replacement?

A Fresh Start

Most women with old saline implants or deflated gel-filled breast implants are good candidates for replacement. However, if you have silicone gel implants, you should talk to your doctor about the possible increased risk of scar tissue and rupture. If you have a history of ruptured implants in one breast, we recommend surgery on both breasts.

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Your Breast Implant Replacement Procedure

Reshape, Refresh, Revise

The first step of our Austin breast implant replacement patients will involve a thorough assessment of their current implants and their desired outcome. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to select your desired implant size and type with the guidance of your surgeon. During this portion of your treatment, we will help you determine the best option based on your unique goals and anatomy. The details of your procedure will depend on the condition of your breasts, existing implants, and desired outcome.

The removal process for saline and silicone implants may vary, especially if you have a ruptured silicone implant. Based on these factors, removing your current implant may involve draining it, removing the implant whole, or removing implant remnants and affected tissue from your breast. Any other procedures included in your treatment plan will be performed prior to placing your new implants. Once your breast capsule is prepared for re-implantation, your surgeon will place your new implant according to your preferences. The implant may be placed above or below the muscle.

Breast Implant Replacement Recovery

Ready For A Change?

The first few days will rest and allow your new implants to settle in. After that, you can expect to experience mild swelling and tenderness, but in most cases, you should be able to return to work within a week. However, it may take several weeks before you feel 100% recovered. Therefore, we recommend abstaining from vigorous exercise for at least three weeks following surgery, although everyday activities should not be challenging.

Breast Implant Replacement Results

Get the look you want.

The longevity of breast implants will depend on many factors, including the amount of natural breast tissue present before surgery, the size and shape of your breasts now, the techniques used during surgery, and how well you care for your body after recovery. We recommend annual checkups with a board-certified plastic surgeon to monitor any changes in the implant over time.

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Breast Implant Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

Although breast implant replacement isn't usually painful, some tenderness may occur during your recovery. We understand that patients want to know what to expect before surgery. As with any cosmetic procedure, we aim to make your visit comfortable and convenient.

Any surgical procedure, including breast implant replacement surgery, carries risks. These include infection, bleeding, and damage to adjacent tissues, skin, or nerves. You should also be aware that any anesthesia has some risks as well. Therefore, most surgeons recommend a face-to-face consultation with your surgeon before moving forward with surgery. This allows you to ask questions and learn more about breast implant replacement surgery in general and your procedure specifically.

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