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Breast Revision Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 56

Patient Details

This is a 62 year old patient who is 5’2″ and 104 pounds who had a previous breast augmentation 26 years prior and complained of hard implants and a large gap between her breasts. They were uncomfortable and when she hugged someone it was painful.

She is seen here after removal of 300cc silicone implants, one of which was ruptured. I removed about 98% of her capsules from both sides (the thin layer of scar tissue around her implants which is the implant “pocket”. I placed 300cc smooth walled moderate profile silicone implants in the same pocket and adjusted the positioning of her implants on her chest wall so they were closer to the midline. I used part of her capsule around the implant as a support or brace on the bottom of her breast.

She is seen here about one year later with soft, natural breasts that are impressive (even more so considering that she is only 62 years old!)

Lessons to learn:

  1. Revising breasts is part art and part engineering. Get it right and the results are impressive.
  2. The pictures don’t do her breasts justice—they are soft and natural by FEEL! They look great to.
  3. Her breasts are no closer together with much better cleavage than before.
  4. She wears an excellent bra and more importantly, she knows what the bra is supposed to be doing so she can do her own shopping instead of relying on others to tell her what she needs.
  5. It’s nice to see a young woman like this patient who loves her breasts and knows how lucky she is to have such impressive assets at her age. There is no real age limit on breast procedures—the limit is generally related to failing health as we get older and the risks this poses on my procedures.
  6. It’s interesting to note that when I removed the implant capsule/scar tissue, it was quite adherent to her underarm area. When she was recovering from her procedure she told me about the tremendous relief she got in her back after I released this scar tissue. She no longer had back pain! This is interesting.
  7. She was a nervous patient when I met her. Now she comes up with more procedures that she is interested in. As I have said before, if you find a plastic surgeon who makes good things happen for you, consider sticking with him/her. More importantly, make sure you surgeon is willing to say “no” and to help you with the timing of any procedures you may be entertaining. They need to understand you and your nature so you can receive the best advice.

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