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It’s frustrating to put the time and effort into improving your appearance, only to be disappointed in the long-term results. That’s why we offer breast revision, breast implant revision, and breast augmentation repair for women who have concerns with previous breast procedures. Whether changes have appeared over time — or you were never satisfied in the first place — we can help. While many surgeons offer breast procedures, breast revision requires a higher level of skill and experience. Dr. Caridi specializes in helping women find the satisfaction they hoped for and deserve.

We would love to speak with you about your personal situation, and discuss how he can help.

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Breast Implant Revision and Breast Augmentation Repair

Every woman is unique, and every breast revision is different. Below, you’ll find answers to many of your questions about the process.

Are Your Breast Implants Old?

While breast implants don’t have an expiration date, they do wear out and are more likely to develop a crack or hole in the implant shell as time passes. An experienced surgeon will be able to tell you if and when you should replace your old implants.

It is uncommon for patients to voluntarily have their breast implants replaced if they are happy with how they look and feel. The most common reasons to have your implants replaced is breast contracture, breast implant deflation, your breast implants are over 15 years old and noticeably different, or you are already considering having a breast revision during which the surgeon can easily exchange your breast implants.

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Are Your Breast Implants Sagging?

The medical term for breast sagging is “ptosis.” This means falling down, drooping, or downward displacement. After a breast augmentation, the breast tissue can slide off the breast implant, making the breast appear unnatural or unattractive. Ptosis makes the appearance of the breast deflated with a loss of superior breast fullness and breast projection.

Significant weight fluctuations, pregnancy, lack of bra use, and poor genetics are all related to breast ptosis. The treatment for breast ptosis depends on the cause. A low implant may be moved higher. Loose, hanging breast tissue can be lifted and shaped into a more youthful position (breast lift). With the help of an expert surgeon, your breasts can regain their desired shape and fullness.

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Are Your Breast Implants Positioned Incorrectly?

When a breast implant has moved over time, or was placed incorrectly during a previous surgery, we refer to the condition as implant malposition. If the implant is too high, too low, or off to the side, you have implant malposition. The breast implant needs to sit properly behind the breast.

An experienced surgeon has many options for repositioning implants that could include a breast pocket adjustment, implant exchange, soft tissue grafting, or even a breast lifting procedure. If your implants aren’t in their proper placement, we will identify and discuss the best treatment for you.

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Are Your Breast Implants Hard?

Unusually rigid implants are caused by a condition called capsular contracture. This occurs when the layer of scar tissue surrounding the implant becomes extra thick over time, resulting in a firm implant. Capsular contracture can cause the shape of the breast to distort, causing asymmetry and physical discomfort.

While this condition typically occurs within the first five years following an operation, the symptoms may appear at any time. Fortunately, there are methods for handling the situation, so that the breast will be soft again.

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Have Your Breast Implants Ruptured Or Deflated?

Eventually, all implants will deflate or develop a crack or tear in the outer shell. We commonly refer to implant deflation or rupture as “implant failure.” The saline and the silicone variety of implants both behave differently. Saline implants will simply deflate and you will notice your breast suddenly get smaller. When a silicone implant tears, there is no “free-flowing” silicone like with the saline variety. The jelly-like, solid silicone stays in the implant shell or the scar tissue layer around the implant (the capsule). You most likely will not notice when a silicone implant develops a tear, but could result in breast pain or capsular contracture.

There is no danger to you when an implant fails, but you will need to decide whether you will remove or replace the implant. This procedure can also be combined with additional lifting procedures.

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Do You Want To Change The Size Of Your Breast Implants?

Choosing the right size breast implant for your body is a challenge for everyone involved. After a procedure, it’s not uncommon that a patient wants to increase or decrease the size of their implants. A breast augmentation isn’t a lifelong commitment, and you can choose to make adjustments.

Dr. Caridi takes extreme care in helping patients find the implants that best suit their bodies and plans. If you would like to consider exchanging your implants for a different size, we can explore your options, giving you the chance to see how larger or smaller implants might look. A knowledgeable surgeon can help you make the choice that will satisfy you.

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Do You Want To Remove Your Breast Implants?

Saline Breast Implant Removal Surgery Using Local Anesthesia - Beast Augmentation RevisionWatch

There are many valid reasons for wanting to remove a breast implant. The procedure can be a relatively straightforward procedure but this is not always the case. There are three main issues related to breast implant removal that need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not additional procedures will be necessary to ensure that your breasts look their best: the quality of the breast skin and tissue, the position of the chest muscle, and the breast implant capsule.

If you are considering removing your implants, we can help you explore your options and find the one that works best for you.

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