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This is 53 year old mother of three who is 5’5″ and 130 pounds who presented to me for a breast revision. She had breast implants placed twenty some years ago and now they are contracted and painful. You can see on her pre-operative photos that her breasts appear “stuck on” and unnatural. They were rock hard and non-mobile. They were very painful to her and her breasts looked distorted even in her clothing.

She is seen here after a bilateral breast revision. I removed her silicone/saline implants that were about 360cc in total volume each side. I removed the implant with the surrounding scar capsule  from the position on top of the muscle and built a new home below the muscle and placed 350cc high profile implants. I removed about 70 grams of tissue from each breast and adjusted the skin of her breast through a vertical lift with resulting lollipop shaped scars.

Her breast are soft, natural looking and with excellent scars (even though she is only six months from her procedure). She has NO PAIN. She is wearing an excellent bra that shapes and supports her breasts. She couldn’t be happier, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

In her own words:

The reason for me writing this message is simple: I want to encourage the women that are out there second guessing themselves about having this type of surgery done.

I had silicone implants done over 20 years ago. Within the first few years they started to harden and year after year they continued to get worse. My boobs felt very heavy, hard and painful not to mention they looked like rocks in a sock. Seeing what they looked like after Dr. Caridi removed them I now understand why they felt that way.

It is amazing what we convince ourselves is okay and that it really isn’t that bad. I really didn’t like the way I looked without clothes and liked even less how my boobs felt.

I finally made an appointment with Dr. Caridi. My husband attended the appointment with me because he had questions and concerns of his own.

After the appointment driving home I decided that I  wanted to have this surgery and it would be with Dr. Caridi and his wonderful team that I would trust to do this surgery. This surgery not only was to remove the old implants but to do a lift as well. My old implants were on top of the muscle so my skin had stretched considerably over 20 years.

I went into this hoping to get softer, perkier and pain free boobs and I got all this and more. No more rocks in a sock looking boobs for this girl!

Thank you Dr. Caridi and your entire staff you all have made me feel like my best interest was your priority.


So Glad I Did It

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