Excessive Lateral Movement of Breast Implants

Shifting of breast implants or excessive lateral movement of breast implants refers to breast implants that move off to the sides of your chest over time. This is not uncommon as the human rib cage is sloped on the sides and the implant simply rolls down the hill. This is more common with smooth implants and with larger implants. As this generally develops slowly, most patients don’t even notice it. Watch Dr. Caridi demonstrate excessive lateral movement of breast implants.

The surgical treatment of this condition typically involves a pocket adjustment so that the implant no longer can move to the sides. Wearing a bra day and night will minimize lateral implant displacement as the bra keeps the implants sitting up front on the chest. Heavy chest exercise tends to squeeze breast implants laterally as well. It’s not uncommon when patients consider a pocket adjustment to also think about changing out the implants to a different style or size (I’m already there). The incision is typically at the bottom of the breast and anesthesia is beneficial.

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