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Symmastia In Austin, TX

Symmastia – Breasts That Meet In The Middle.

Breast implant symmastia refers to a condition where the breast implants appear to touch in the midline. The appearance is sometimes called “uniboob.” The skin in the middle of the chest area seems to be lifted up when the implants come to the middle. It’s not a normal-looking cleavage.

Austin symmastia patient

This condition typically results from surgeon error or the use of implants that are simply too large for the dimensions of your chest.

Symmastia can be left alone, as it is not dangerous. If treatment is preferred, typically the implant capsule is sutured to close off the medial breast pockets. Sometimes ADM, Acellular Dermal Matrix, is used to assist this closure for enhanced support. If excessively large implants are the cause of the problem, it is best to choose smaller implants that actually fit your anatomy.

The use of a special bra with a wire component between the cups, called a ThongBra, can be used afterward to support the repair during the healing process and possibly reduce the chances of recurrence after a breast revision.

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Is is difficult to correct symmastia?

No. An experienced surgeon, particularly one who performs cosmetic breast revision procedures, will be able to fix this issue. Exposure is important, though, so if you had your implants placed through an incision under your arm, around your areola, or through your belly button, you may need an additional incision at the bottom of your breast.

What is the recovery time after symmastia repair?

Not as long as your original breast augmentation, for sure. I would say a day or two would be sufficient to get back to daily life activities, except for exercise.

How long should I wear the ThongBra after symmastia repair?

I would suggest four to six weeks of bra use would be a minimum after your revision.

Is Acellular Dermal Matrix needed in all symmastia repairs?

Absolutely not. There are inherent risks with the use of these materials, like seroma formation and infection. An experienced surgeon can easily make this determination. Typically, it is available at the time of the procedure and used if needed.

What It Looks Like When Female Breasts Touch In the Middle - Symmastia - Westlake Plastic Surgery

Can symmastia be treated without surgery?

No. Long-term use of a ThongBra will not improve your symmastia. There are no non-surgical methods to treat symmastia.

If I have symmastia and I like my larger-sized implants, is it possible to keep them and have my symmastia repaired?

It’s possible to keep your implants or even go larger in some cases. An experienced surgeon can help you decide what is possible.

Can side-sleeping cause symmastia?

No doubt, I have seen breast augmentation patients whose implants have moved to the middle because they are side-sleepers. However, this is usually only on one side, and symmastia from side-sleeping is unlikely.

Is symmastia related to the type of implant (saline or silicone, round or shaped, textured or smooth)

There is no evidence that the type of implant is related to symmastia. It is most associated with those women who have chosen larger implants than their anatomy can fit.

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