Large, Matronly Breasts After a Previous Enhancement

Perky, smaller breasts seem to be all the rage now. It could be any woman, but more often than not, moms who have had implants for years are realizing that they are too large and too wide, making them look older and less shapely (matronly). Their breast implants have served them well for many years, but because of the changes associated with pregnancies, they don’t have the breasts or figure that they used to have.
Many women aren’t aware that breast revision plastic surgery can “turn back the clock” by reshaping the breast with a different implant, a breast lift, or both.

“Perky” is:

  • Smaller
  • Narrower
  • Projecting
  • Forward facing nipples
  • Superior breast fullness
  • Breasts situated higher on the chest

There are many alternatives to reshaping and repositioning breasts that are large and low. Smaller, high profile implants combined with a “breast lift” is a very powerful combination of procedures to reshape non-youthful appearing breasts.

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