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natural plastic surgery - the new trend

Welcome To The Era Of Natural Plastic Surgery

Our eyes see the unexpected and disregard what is normal or what looks normal after expert plastic surgery. This is what natural plastic surgery is all about. Looking the way it was supposed to look. Like Mother Nature did good work indeed. “Natural plastic surgery results” is the marching order of the day for thousands of plastic surgeons making America beautiful. That request has come from the general population who have had to endure some pretty bizarre results from our […]

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choose the right breast implant size

How To Choose The Right Breast Implant Size

The most important decision you will make during your breast augmentation is knowing how to choose the right breast implant size. Size will not only determine the outcome, but how the implants will hold up over time. Going too large may set patients for all sorts of complications and disappointments both in the short term and long term. Going too small will leave you wanting more. The ideal surgeon knows how to get it just right so the result works […]

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reasons to get cosmetic surgery

Top Reasons To Get Cosmetic Surgery

People consider plastic surgery for many reasons. Some want to change features that are not flattering, others may be lucky enough to possess aesthetically pleasing physical attributes, but find that over time these assets are subject to the harsh aging process, or to pregnancy, illness and even stress. There are a lot of reasons to get cosmetic surgery. Getting older isn’t for the faint of heart: the consequences of aging can actually be tougher on those who are initially better […]

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neck lift surgery - when is the right time?

When Is The Right Time For Neck Lift Surgery?

Will a neck lift while I’m younger keep my neck from looking like my mom’s? Is there such a thing as “preventative maintenance”? When is the right time for neck lift surgery? These are all great questions I hear often from my patients. The neck is an area of strategic importance during the aging process. It is often one of the first areas that reveal signs of aging—neck bands, fullness of the neck angle and wrinkled skin. Think of the […]

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fillers or a face lift - which is the best option

Fillers Or A Face Lift? What Is The Best Option For Me?

Who is the best candidate for a face lift or fillers? The gold standard procedure for facial rejuvenation has always been a facelift. In the past decade, the introduction of injectable fillers has ushered in a new alternative for facial rejuvenation. These fillers are characterized by a high success rate and few complications. However, they are not ideal for every patient. The purpose of this blog is to help determine who the best candidates are for either solution. Younger candidates […]

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ideal candidate for a breast augmentation

The Ideal Candidate For A Breast Augmentation Is A Woman Who Doesn’t Need One

To the average person, this doesn’t seem to make sense, but it’s true. The ideal candidate for a breast augmentation is often a woman who doesn’t need one. As an experienced plastic surgeon, I’d like to offer my wisdom on one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed worldwide. The breast augmentation procedure has proven reliable, the safety profile of breast implants is acceptable for many women and the results are gratifying, if not life altering in many positive […]

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