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procedure photo taken before hook nose rhinoplasty

Hook Nose Rhinoplasty

Many of my consulting patients make note of their “hook nose” shape that they particularly dislike. What causes a hooked shaped nose and how is it treated with a hook nose rhinoplasty? Why does a hook nose shape appear worse when smiling? Can a hook nose shape be corrected with a rhinoplasty? A hooked nose is not an abnormality of the nose. It’s a different shaped nose that actually is more frequent in people of certain ethnicities – it’s an […]

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my saline breast implant deflated - now what - what do I do?

My Saline Breast Implant Has Deflated, What Do I Do?

Saline breast implants may not be as popular as the silicone variety, but some patients still prefer them. There are actually significant differences that make saline breast implants unique. For starters, a saline breast implant deflates when it ruptures. The silicone variety doesn’t change in volume as the silicone filler “just sits there” and actually behaves like a run flat tire – it still works even though it technically has a “flat”. Experiencing this deflation process can be very disturbing to […]

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young woman who had a breast augmentation and got implants that are too large - what were you thinking?

Breast Augmentation: Breast Implants, Breast Revision and the “What Was I Thinking” Moment

Having been in the plastic surgery practice for 3 decades has brought a lot of perspective to my passion. I have gone from the days of learning how to do simple techniques to accomplishing in-depth procedures like breast augmentation. It’s been a natural progression based on a lot of experience and a bit of trial-and-error to find out what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, I have learned how to make my patients happy. Take a look at my breast […]

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virtual plastic surgery consultation at westlake plastic surgery

Virtual Plastic Surgery Consultation at Westlake Plastic Surgery Is Quickly Becoming The New Normal!

It was not too long ago that if patients wanted the advice and counsel of a plastic surgeon they would find someone in their area and arrange for an in-person consultation. Those days are quickly becoming rare. At Westlake Plastic Surgery, we have been using the concept of Virtual Plastic Surgery Consultation for over 5 years. Currently, almost 50% of the patients that I perform procedures on have been thoroughly consulted over the Internet! What are the benefits of Virtual […]

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symmastia correction austin - what is symmastia - uniboob

What is Symmastia or “Uniboob”?

Symmastia is a condition where the two female breasts meet in the middle. Typically, the female anatomy situates a flat area between the breasts and above the midline sternal or chest bone. However, in rare cases seen in normal females, the breasts can meet in the midline but the skin remains attached to the underlying bone. When symmastia is created because of a breast augmentation, the breasts not only appear to meet in the middle, but – in many cases […]

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natural plastic surgery - the new trend

Welcome To The Era Of Natural Plastic Surgery

Our eyes see the unexpected and accept it as what is normal or what looks normal after expert plastic surgery. This is what natural plastic surgery is all about – looking the way it is supposed to look. Like Mother Nature did good work indeed. “Natural plastic surgery results” is the marching order of the day for thousands of plastic surgeons making America beautiful. That request has come from the general population who have had to endure some pretty bizarre […]

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