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advice on what to breast implant size to consider for a breast augmentation procedure

Why Breast Implant Size is the Most Important Consideration for a Breast Augmentation

Plastic Surgeons have a lot of experience with breast implants, as breast implants have been around since the 1960s. You would think that the actual implants have changed much over the years, but they haven’t. There have been some modifications in the manufacturing of the implants, most notably the firmer silicone material now used. There are only two types of breast implants—saline- and silicone-filled implants. The conduct of the procedure (implant pocket location, incisions, and pocket dissection) is the same as it always has been. After performing breast enhancement surgery for over 35 years, the most important decision to be made is the size of the breast implant, and I will tell you why.

Breast implants do better when placed below the muscle. There are some exceptions to all rules, but submuscular implants look and behave better than those placed on top of the muscle. Although there are several different incisions available, the incision at the bottom of the breast is the ideal location and gold standard. When a breast augmentation is performed by a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in a certified, properly supervised operating facility, the procedure is safe and reliable. Most patients choose the silicone variety breast implant. So, a discussion regarding silicone- and saline-filled implant differences can be found elsewhere on my website. < the original document has this word underlined but there is no link >

The most important decision you will make when considering your breast augmentation is breast implant size. It is critical to know that breast implant size is correlated with breast implant complications—larger breast implants are associated with more complications (contracture, malposition, bottoming out, falling off to the side and other disappointing outcomes). This is FACT. Many patients considering a breast augmentation think they can choose whatever size they want but unfortunately reality dictates that you need to choose an implant size that fits your goals and personality but also fits your body and your tissues!

Breast implants are heavy, and the weight of the breast implants stresses the breast tissue, which results in stretching and complications. The larger the breast implants, the more stress and stretching are applied to your breasts. Think about carrying around some soup cans in a plastic grocery bag—it will work to get your groceries home, but over time your bag stretches and eventually breaks. Choosing a moderate implant size (less than 350cc for most patients) is more likely to result in sustainable, long-lasting beautiful breasts. When trying on implant sizers with your surgeon, the lucky patients obtain their ideal look with smaller implants.

Most surgeons are unaware of the importance of a properly-fit and worn bra to ensure your breasts are always as good as they can be. The purpose of a bra is to support your breasts, so your skin doesn’t have to bear the weight of your breast implants. Having breast implants does NOT mean you don’t have to wear a bra!

Breast augmentation is a big investment in happiness and should not be taken lightly. You must resist the temptation to think the procedure is “routine” and shop for the cheapest surgeon. As a surgeon who has seen many patients over a long period and who is often asked to “fix” unfavorable results, I highly recommend choosing breast implant size carefully so you, too, can fully enjoy your breasts.

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