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Desire for Size Change In Austin, TX

It may come as a surprise to many that the most common request in my breast revision practice is changing breast implant size for SMALLER implants! Many patients recall being told by their friends who have breast implants to always go bigger than what they think they would like. Times have changed, and for most women, bigger isn’t always better.

Getting the size right is dependent on many factors. Your breast shape and size and your underlying rib anatomy are important. How your implants work with your figure is critical. How you will change over time is also an important consideration—what may seem right today may not be down the line.

The true “artwork” of a breast enhancement is getting the size right for my patients. In my practice, I spend a lot of time with my patients to get to know them, and we sit in front of a full-length mirror and try on implant sizers until we get it right. If your surgeon simply asks you, “What size do you want to be?” and thinks that he or she can randomly select the right size without your trying on the implants themselves, I truly believe you may end up getting more than you asked for.

It’s important to know that changing out your breast implants is generally a straightforward procedure that is not nearly as complicated or uncomfortable as the original procedure. This is also the time to consider other modifications to your breasts if you desire (such as a breast lift, or mastopexy). At times, breast implant capsule modifications need to be made to accommodate the new implant dimensions.

What size do most patients prefer to be after a breast augmentation?

You can imagine that patient size preference very much depends on their background and where they live. In my Austin plastic surgery practice, most patients want to look “natural and normal,” and they like a breast size that is proportional and sustainable over the long run. In my office, most implants range between 275cc and 375cc in volume. I have placed implants as small as 175cc and as large as 800cc.

How will I know what I will look like if I get implants that are larger or smaller than I currently have?

It’s always possible to try on implant sizers to make you larger and see what it looks like in the mirror. Electing for smaller implants is a different story, because I can’t take away volume to compare. You will have to use your imagination and trust your surgeon’s advice.

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