Westlake Plastic Surgery Reviews

OMG I am so happy I chose Dr. Caridi – he is amazing. He did a breast augmentation and lipo sculpting of my body. I have had one child. I had my surgery 6 years ago and I love my body still to this day. I love buying jeans now, I don’t have a muffin top anymore!! I have a beautiful little waist. My confidence level is so high now. My breast are so  beautiful. I look like a woman now with the best curves. The nurses, Dr. Boysen and you are so kind and thoughtful and always made me feel so welcomed. Thank you so so so much. xoxo

Before Dr. Caridi, I had three surgeries.  Two with Dr. Peter Driscoll with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and one with Dr. Scott Hydon with Austin Plastic Surgery Institute.  All three were badly done, and my breasts looked deformed afterward.  I was depressed and did not feel comfortable in my clothes, and did not want to look at body in a mirror.  I had lost confidence in the doctors in Austin.  Thank God I found a wonderful surgeon in Dr. Robert Caridi at Westlake Plastic Surgery.

Since the first appointment, from the attention he gave me, I could tell he really likes his profession.  The staff were very friendly and professional.  I recommend him if you are thinking about plastic surgery.  Don’t waste your time, money, and health on other doctors.  

Don’t make the same mistake I did – my previous breast procedures cost me over $25,000 with other doctors, which I’m still paying for.  At the very least, see Dr. Caridi for a consultation before you have a breast augmentation with other doctors.

Thank you Dr. Caridi for returning my life back to me.  I feel like a complete woman again, and my husband is very happy.  Now I feel happy seeing my body in the mirror everyday.  God bless you, Dr. Caridi and staff.

I had a great experience with Dr. Caridi and am extremely satisfied with the results. Five years ago I had found him through lots of research, but I chickened out on my breast augmentation. I knew I was not happy with the breast volume loss I experienced after nursing several years, but I was worried about the cost, risks, and what it said about my vanity. Five years later, I had the same concerns, except that I had accepted that wanting to feel more comfortable and excited about my own body was legitimate and worth pursuing.

Dr. Caridi and his fantastic staff took excellent care of me from helping pick appropriately size implants to fit my body, giving all of the information I needed, and performing the breast augmentation perfectly. I am often nauseated, but did not experience nausea following the procedure. It could not have gone better. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

I just had a facelift procedure with Dr Caridi and had to let anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery know that I could not be happier.  He did an amazing job and I look refreshed but not overdone.  My friends and family can not believe how wonderful I look after 2 weeks.  I must also commend his office staff and nurses…the most wonderful,  thoughtful and kind group.  I would never go to anyone else for a procedure!
Thank you Dr. C!

When considering a surgeon to perform my gynecomastia operation, the decision to choose Dr. Caridi at Austin Gynecomastia Center was simple. I did a good deal of research on gynecomastia and since I have been self conscious about it ever since middle school, I chose the surgeon who was the pioneer in the field. I was confident that Dr. Caridi’s technique was superior not only by the before and after photographs on his website, but also by the instructional videos he has filmed and posted to YouTube. My surgery went better than I could have imagined and my chest is now something that I am proud of rather than embarrassed of. I wish I had found Dr. Caridi and his compassionate staff sooner. My full breasts and puffy nipples are gone and my brothers don’t call me Puff Nippy anymore. Thanks Dr. Caridi!

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Caridi and his staff. From the time I walked in until I left everyone was very personable. Dr. Caridi even greeted me by giving me a hug and welcoming me to the practice, you rarely find this kind of doctor-patient interaction.

Dr. Caridi and the staff nurse was very thorough about the procedure and answered any questions I had with ease and patience. They made me feel like family and I would highly recommend Dr. Caridi for your gynecomastia or other plastic surgery needs. Thank you all very much and it was a experience I will never forget.

Love you all.

I dwelled on the having gyno surgery for a while and had two consultations before I came across Dr. Caridi videos on YouTube. What guided me towards Dr. Caridi was the informative videos he posted online and his knowledge on the subject matter. I then had the consultation via Skype and this confirmed that I was in great hands. Afterwards, I was off to his office in Austin for the surgery. The staff was exceedingly pleasant and professional from the time of my inquiry all the way to my post-op care. His office and facility is very clean, well kept, welcoming, classy and particularly the décor was exceptional.

The procedure itself was a breeze, the swelling has subsided, the incisions are healing, I am still a bit sore but by and large I am happy with my results.

Thanks Dr. Caridi and to your staff at Westlake Plastic Surgery.

I loved my experience at Westlake Plastic Surgery! I had a breast augmentation done and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I get so many positive compliments and I tell everyone how great of a decision it was. Dr. Caridi and his whole staff were very professional and made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. Lacey, the RN, was so sweet and knowledgeable about everything. They’re a great team. If you are considering having a procedure definitely look into Westlake Plastic Surgery!

Thanks again!!

I’m only a few days out of surgery but I’m so impressed with my results and the care and passion that Dr Caridi and his staff gave me. I highly recommend them to others that are worried or have concerns about using them, you shouldn’t, you’ll be in great hands!

I wanted to share my experience with the Austin Gynecomastia Center (AGC), Dr. Caridi and his staff. I have suffered from Gynecomastia for as long as I can remember. I am now 50 years old and looking back over my life I have missed out on so many special occasions with my family and kids because I was always uncomfortable with the way I looked. I was always self-conscious when going to the lake, water parks, tubing etc.

I happened to come across a work out video on YouTube in which the main person in the video suffered from Gynecomastia and documented his experience. This led me to other videos documenting Gynecomastia surgeries and the results until I came across Dr. Caridi’s videos and the work that he does at the AGC. I think I watched each of his videos, some multiple times and there are quite a few. The videos cover several different surgeries, recovery and other very informative topics related to Gynecomastia. I truly felt like I already knew Dr. Caridi and some of the staff before I had even stepped foot into his office. I also read over many reviews. Reviews are tricky because personalities play a large part in how you may accept or interpret feedback when it comes to your body and any preparation that you may be told you have to work on to ensure you have positive results from the surgery. Dr. Caridi came across to me as someone who is very passionate about his work. The staff at the AGC was absolutely fantastic. They were caring and did everything they could to relieve the nervousness that I was experiencing going into this situation.

When I went into the office for the surgery I was very comfortable with the staff and then meeting Dr. Caridi he continued to relieve any stress I may have had going into the operation. He even took the time to come out and meet my family who had accompanied me to his office that day.

The surgery itself went as planned and I woke up in recovery to my family. During the next couple of days I was really surprised that I was not in more pain and only had to take 1 does of the pain medicine. I was uncomfortable more than anything, tender for sure but if I had to rate the pain over the first 3 days of recovery I would say it ranged between 4-6 on a 10 scale. The compression vest was uncomfortable to me but after 2 weeks of suffering with that vest I went and purchased several Under Armor and Nike compression shirts to wear under the compression vest. I would highly recommend this. Also I purchased medium compression shirts instead of the large which is more my size because the mediums were very tight and I felt like they offered more support and compression.
I am now just over 4 weeks out from the surgery. I am still a little sore to the touch and rolling at least 3 times a day. There is some discomfort when using the roller but that seems to be getting better over time. The results so far are really looking good. I have some swelling still and especially in my right chest that I have been a little concerned with but I went into Dr. Caridi’s office for a checkup and they explained that this is swollen tissue that will take time to return to normal and this could take months. I will make sure to post an update to this after several months. The staff has reassured me that it will subside over time but if not they would of course make sure it was taken care of.

The cost is substantial and it took years of saving up to be able to afford this surgery I would highly recommend Dr. Caridi and his staff and if at all possible I would not wait 40-50 years to decide to get this done as those are years of my life I will never get back. If you are at the 40-50 year old stage like I am the recovery to this point has not been bad and I would do it again.

Thank you to Dr. Caridi and his staff for making this such a positive experience for me.

I just had gynecomastia surgery at AGC four days ago and I was almost to tears when I had seen my chest. He removed the whole gland and contoured my chest perfectly and the swelling hasn’t even gone away yet.

I had got two gyno surgeries previously and neither came out close to what I was told because the Dr’s wouldn’t remove the whole gland. When It comes to gynecomastia he is second to none.

Dr. Caridi and his team are wonderful. He did an amazing job on my breast augmentation. He made me feel very comfortable about the procedure. After my surgery his nurses were available to contact for any questions and even called a couple times to check on me. If I ever need any other surgery I would choose him all over again!

I had my Gynecomastia surgery today at Dr. Caridi’s office and the experience was perfect, just as I expected. The staff was extremely nice and they made me feel comfortable throughout my entire visit. From the time I walked in and was greeted by name, I felt comfortable as if I were at home. You can really tell that everyone (the nurses, the medical assistant, the Anesthesiologist, and Dr. Caridi) really love their jobs and are very passionate and professional about what they do.

I was worried about the anesthesia, but they assured me that there was nothing to worry about and they were right. The IV was painless and I was out like a light in seconds. I woke up to my nurse who was very helpful and offered me a sprite to drink. She then answered any questions that I had concerning my post-op care. Dr. Caridi came in and talked with me afterwards and showed me the gland he took out. It was huge and I was surprised that he was able to take such a big gland out of such a small incision. The incision was extremely small and inconspicuous and it will heal up nicely.

I am beyond pleased with my visit and my results. This man is THE BEST when it come to this surgery, so if you are thinking about going to him, just do it because I promise you won’t regret it.

I had my surgery seven weeks ago with Dr Caridi. I’m very grateful to him and all his staff. I was on vacation when I noticed my old breast implants where shrinking. I got my first implants in Venezuela where I’m from. I was out the country so, I was very nervous. I did a search about what type of surgery I will need if my implants were leaking. I read that I need a plastic surgery capable to do an Explantation surgery and Dr Caridi has experience doing that type of surgery. I got lucky that Dr Caridi has an online consultation option. I sent my pictures and my concerns by email. It was Sunday morning when I wrote to him and he answered me Sunday night. I was very impress with him and relieved that I would see him as soon as I got home. On Monday, I got another email from his office with the all the information for the surgery, price and patient forms. I got back in Austin and Cherri founded an small window in Dr Caridi’s schedule to see me. He was booked the whole month of August. Thank you very much Cherri!!

Dr Caridi was very warm and professional when I met him. He wanted to know about the terrible situation in my Country. He made feel that he really cares about his patients. After he examined me, he told that one of my implants got out of place. I was able to feel it in my armpits. He concluded that a MRI wasn’t necessary and that I didn’t need an Explantation. I was very happy about that.  The price was lower because, I needed only to replace my old implants. Thanks to the good news, I got a mini face lift at the same time!!

Maria and Lacy were my nurses. They are awesome. They took care of me. They explained everything. Maria checked on me by phone and by text. They both were wonderful. I’m very pleased with all the staff. Many thanks for all your attentions and professional services. They all are like a big family.

Now the most important part, my results after my surgery. I’m extremely happy with my results and final look. I love my new implants and I look younger. Dr Caridi made my breasts look incredible. I’m very happy I went from 280cc to 255cc. I  found an excellent surgeon. I will be coming back for future things down the road. He has the knowledgeable and is very honest. I’m so happy I chose him as my plastic surgeon.

Dr. Caridi and his entire office are a true blessing to plastic surgery. I called about two and a half years ago with questions about my son and what I could do to help him with his gynecomastia. I had called a few places before Dr. Caridi and every place I called wanted me to take my son in right away so they could start the process of getting him in for surgery. These places would not even let me ask questions, they just kept pushing for me to take my son in.

When I called Westlake Plastic Surgery Dr. Caridi called me back himself, not an office assistant pushing me to do something I wasn’t sure about. Dr. Caridi was very helpful and mentioned that I should really consider waiting to do any procedures on my son until he had completed the peak of puberty. I was so impressed that he truly cared about my son and his well being and was not trying to get us in to make money. Dr. Caridi answered all my questions and concerns about the procedure and made me feel at ease with the decision I was in the process of making. I decided to listen Dr. Caridi because I knew he was sincere, truthful and he treated me like I was a person not just another procedure.

After waiting a couple of years, I called back last month and made an appointment for my son. When we went in for our appointment we realized that the entire office was just as great as Dr, Caridi, everyone there was very pleasant and helpful.

The actual consultation with Dr. Caridi and his nurse Jimie was very compassionate, caring, personal and an informative experience. Dr. Caridi remembered us and made my son feel very good about himself and let him know that he would take care of him. For my son, meeting Dr. Caridi was a life lesson. Meeting his nurse Jimie was just as special, she helped us understand how everything was going to happen and what we were to expect. She is an amazing nurse and is completely devoted to her patients! There are not enough words to express how grateful we are to have been led to such an awesome practice.

My son had his procedure done a couple of weeks ago and everything from beginning  to the end results have been amazing. The results have changed my sons life and how he feels about himself and his future. I do not want to forget to mention how great they are with taking care of you after the procedure is done. We appreciated the after hours nurse calling us and checking on my son and letting us know that we could call if we had any questions and we also have a follow up appointment scheduled with Dr. Caridi. I am so happy with our entire experience at Westlake Plastic Surgery.

Amazing! The only negative thing I can say about Dr. Caridi and Westlake Plastic Surgery is that I did not find him soon enough! He is an excellent surgeon and person. Dr. Caridi is straight to the point and honest about your procedure, which is a great quality to have in a surgeon. He is very passionate about his work so he will do whatever is needed to give you the absolute best result.

Men, don’t be shy or embarrassed to go see Dr. Caridi and AGC. It is a life changing experience. I had gynecomastia removal surgery with Dr. Caridi and I can’t tell you how much it improved my self confidence! Thank you Dr. Caridi! 

He deserves 10 stars.

I love this place. The front office staff is very accommodating and private. I liked that the front desk took care of my concerns behind the counter and not in front of the other patrons in the waiting room. 

I’ve had a breast augmentation consultation by Dr. Caridi. I explained what my goals where, after he asked. His female assistant helped me with picking size, then Caridi came in and gave his input and explained what was the best option for me. His suggestion was right and not what I was originally thinking. Sorry to be so vague, but it is private. 🙂 I can’t wait to do the procedure! I will update when completed. 

I’ve seen Dr. Boyson for botox injections. I did not feel a thing!!! She is so amazing. What I like about her injections is she didn’t over do it. I don’t look like an over injected crazy lady. I’ve gotten many compliments lately. I do take very good care of my skin, Dr. Boyson’s injections just enhanced that. My mother has had permanent makeup done by Dr. Boyson and it’s flawless, that’s why I wanted to see her.

My sister went for a bilateral breast augmentation exchange and the first time we met the doctor we at first thought he was abrasive but after the initial appointment was over we loved him. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. He tells you like it is. Before you leave you feel like family. When my sister went in for surgery he did a beautiful job. Her incisions were closed beautifully with minimal scarring.

The staff is amazing too. You feel like part of the family. I would defiantly recommend him and will use him for my plastic surgery.

If you have realistic expectations about cosmetic procedures, and desire honest feedback about where you are at currently and matter-of-fact predictions on what you can expect post-procedure, then this is the place for you. If you are a highly sensitive person you may find Caridi’s manner a bit too frank, but be honest with yourself: how does one discuss beauty enhancement without addressing the flaws???

Take the opportunity to receive a sincere assessment by a skilled surgeon with an artistic eye. It’s not an evaluation of your self worth; it’s an educated opinion on achieving a more pleasing aesthetic.

I had a breast augmentation revision (with a swap of saline for silicone) performed 8-27-2015. The nurses who helped along the way were all great- welcoming, down-to-earth, and attentive to any needs/questions. I would not hesitate to return to Dr. Caridi’s office for any future needs.

Ever since I can remember, I knew the size and shape of my nose was not something I was happy with. I was constantly analyzing my peers noses not only when seeing them day to day, but also in Facebook pictures – I felt like all I could focus on was how perfect everyone else’s noses were in comparison to mine.

Tired of being unhappy and ready to make the change, I scheduled multiple consults with different plastic surgeons in the Austin area. However, as soon as I met with Dr. Robert Caridi my decision was made! Even though we were focusing on my biggest insecurity, Dr. Caridi and his staff at Westlake Plastic Surgery really put my nerves at ease and made me feel both comfortable and confident about the whole process. One thing that especially gave me confidence was having the full-time anesthesiologist there at my consultation alongside Dr. Caridi. Getting to meet and talk things over with all those that would be part of my procedure ensured me that after what felt like a life time of insecurity, I would be satisfied with the result.

1 year later, satisfaction is an understatement. Comparing my nose to others is still a habit, but now with each comparison I am reminded of how wonderful of a job Dr. Caridi did. It truly was the best thing I ever did.

I absolutely love Dr. Caridi and his staff!! He did an amazing job with my breast augmentation and I couldn’t be happier!!

I highly recommend the Austin Gynecomastia Center. I had lost a significant amount of weight over the course of a year and still had significant breast-like fat on the chest area. After doing the research I learned that it was most likely Gynecomastia (growth of male breast tissue). After a consultation with Dr. Caridi it was confirmed that I had Gynecomastia. The surgery was less than two hours long. Recovery was quick and in my opinion painless. It just feels like you had the chest workout of your life for a few days after the procedure. Dr. Caridi and his staff are great. Everyone from the secretaries to the nurses were very knowledgeable and could answer any of my questions. Dr. Caridi himself really knows what he’s doing and knows how to shape your body to get a natural looking result. I am completely happy with the results of my procedure. I feel liberated of something that I struggled with for over a decade and I know that I’ll now get compliments instead of comments and stares. Thanks Dr. Caridi and the AGC!

I love love Westlake Plastic Surgery. Dr. Caridi did my surgery in 2006 and I have been so so happy. Everyday I am thankful for the confidence he gave me. I had a breast augmentation and liposuction – a little all over – and I absolutely love my little waist. Its been five years and I still have an amazing sculpted figure. Thank you Dr. Caridi for making feel beautiful! I would recommend Dr. C to all my friends and family.

I had Dr. Caridi remove some excess male breast tissue. I choose him over the many physicians I researched because his website dedicated a lot to gynecomastia surgery. I owe Dr. C a great deal of gratitude. He did an excellent job. After 2 months or so, my scars are barely visible to me or my wife. I’m at the lake or pool often and no one, including good friends, has noticed.

I’ll tell you this, Dr. C is a humorous, down to earth dude and his staff is great too. There is absolutely no reason to avoid seeing a surgeon because you’re embarrassed. Go get yourself taken care of. Another bonus to working with Dr. Caridi is that surgery is performed at his clinic site so you don’t have to check into a hospital and see more people during your procedure. His operation is as professional and discreet as possible. He also gives a very generous military discount. Thank you to everybody at the Austin Gynecomastia Center.

Excellent job Dr C. The office is very clean. The staff is awesome and very helpful. They even filmed my procedure with my phone. My chest looks 10 times better and I’m a lot more confident thanks to the Austin Gynecomastia Center.

I recently received a breast augmentation from Dr. Caridi and I am so happy with the results. After losing 25 pounds, my husband and I had been talking about a breast augmentation. A friend of ours had referred me to Dr. Caridi. Although she has not been to see him, she has many friends that have been under his care and all were very happy with their results.

I checked out Westlake Plastic Surgery’s website and was very impressed, right off the bat. I could tell the amount of pride that Dr. Caridi and staff have in their business and I knew I was headed in the right direction.

I called the next morning and scheduled a consultation and spoke to Cherri. Cherri was so helpful and professional and I was so excited for my appointment after speaking with her.

Soon after, my husband and I went for our appointment and instantly connected with Dr. Caridi. He was so friendly, funny, informative, confident and extremely professional. He has a way of making nervous patients feel at ease, almost immediately. My husband and I both knew instantly that we were in the right office, with the right Doctor.

I had my surgery and ended up developing a hematoma in my right breast two days after the procedure. We called the office and Dr. Caridi called us back immediately. Even though his office was closed for the afternoon, he wanted to see me and was waiting for us when we pulled in. I needed to have emergency surgery that night and Dr. Caridi never left my side. I felt terrible that he cancelled plans to be out of town with his family but I was so relieved to know that he would be the one performing the surgery. I instantly felt at ease. The second surgery was easy and Dr. Caridi took care of everything. I also want to mention that this happened on a Friday evening and Dr. Caridi checked in with my husband several times each day over the weekend.

I have since recovered perfectly and am so happy with the breast augmentation. I have a new self-confidence and am so happy with my new body. My husband and I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Caridi and everyone at Westlake Plastic Surgery. He is a wonderful doctor and truly has each patient’s best interest in mind.

If I lived anywhere in the world and I needed plastic surgery – I would pay whatever it took to get to Austin to see Dr. Caridi. He is a sculptor who’s medium is the human body. His results are stunning. His care, professionalism, kindness and generosity with his time are only superseded by his gifts for making the physical body beautiful. His focus on safety made me feel completely secure. The experience was amazing and my transformation profound.

This is the father of surgical fixation of male gynecomastia. Please do not waste time and your health with anybody else. This man is a genius and an artist. Everything was first rate from the start to the finish. I am blessed to be one of his patients!!! NO surgical drains and amazing results post op day 1!!!

Dr. Robert Caridi did my breast reduction. The outcome was better than I could have imagined and it changed my life. He takes time with each patient and answers every question and concern without making you feel ignorant or stupid. He is kind and supportive and funny. His office staff are angels. Cherry answers the phone and she is a lifeline. She makes sure you get the information you need and puts you in direct touch with the medical staff. His nurses are also the finest in the world. Becky is a gem, she makes you feel like a sister.

Dr. Boysen, Dr. Caridi’s board certified anesthesiologist is a Godsend. She helped me through a lifelong horror of general anesthesia and made it almost fun. She also has a trick for making Botox shots completely painless — not even a sting or a tingle. She’s genius! So is Dr. Caridi. The most important thing is when you get Dr. Caridi, you get the finest surgeon and physican anywhere AND you get his artistry. He understands beauty in a way that is difficult to describe. He can help you be the best you that you can be. I trust him completely and have recommended him to my family and friends.

I went to Dr. Caridi at Westlake Plastic Surgery about a month ago for a breast augmentation and couldn’t be happier. He is very matter of fact and puts no pressure on you and I loved the fact that he didn’t think bigger meant better when selecting a size. I was nervous about the surgery but Dr. Caridi and his staff made me feel comfortable and I can’t believe how easy it has all been. I would recommend him to any of my girlfriends.

I have never written a review before, but after having my first consultation with Dr. Caridi I’m over the moon with joy and had to tell everyone!!! Everyone at Westlake Plastic Surgery is oober nice and makes you feel 100% comfortable!

I went in for a very major issue in my opinion, but probably minor in the plastic surgery world. Dr. Caridi easily could have agreed with me on needing an otoplasty and easily could have charged me $4500 + for the surgery… instead he told me that I had perfect ears and would be doing me a disservice to “pin” my ears back. Instead we agreed on an earlobe reduction.

This man is honest, straight forward, tell it like it is, and quite funny. By no means am I in need of a ton of services at this point in my life, but anything I need moving forward will be in the hands of Dr. Caridi!

If you’re interested in having a breast augmentation. Here’s my experience….

I am so glad I found Dr. Robert Caridi. I’ve had experience with both Dr. Caridi and Dr. Wilder. They both are very professional doctors. However, Dr. Caridi far exceeded my expectation for aftercare and skill!

About 16 years ago Dr.Wilder put in my breast implants shortly after surgery I noticed that my right nipple was numb. I talked to Dr.Wilder about it and he showed very little concern. Which was typical of ALL my visits with him.

The reason for my return 16 yrs later was due to a ruptured implant after a routine mammogram. I decided to interview 2 Austin plastic surgeons (Dr.Wilder and Dr. Caridi) . I was very disappointed with Dr.Wilder due to the fact that he exhibited very poor bedside manner. When I put in a call with him he totally blew me off and disregarded my call by giving me no reassurance and telling me “This is no emergency contact my office Monday morning.” So I did call Dr. Wilder’s office that following Monday. They had no opening for me that week and they weren’t sure if they could get me in anytime soon but they would call me back in the event of a cancellation. Hmmm…how about that.

I immediately had to have a plan B….so I called Westlake Plastic Surgery (Dr.Caridi’s office) I spoke to Shari. She had such a calm voice and was so nice. She reassured me that everything would be fine and she could get me in the next day in the afternoon. She also said she understood how worried I was but that it does happen and it could be replaced with no problems. Wow what a difference in offices. I went from a cold sterile institute like office (hence the name APSI) to a warm comforting professional environment.

At that moment I knew … after interviewing both doctors Dr. Caridi was the right doctor for me. He was very courteous and kind answered ALL my questions. The office was very busy but he made time for me. This level of service NEVER changed pre-visits and post-visits.

I am so glad I made the decision to have Dr. Caridi perform my surgery. I told him my concern with maintaining feeling in my left breast. He made sure I lost no sensitivity! Not only that I’ve recovered some feeling back in my right breast!!! Most importantly – he listened to me. He wasn’t arrogant in his own opinion that mine didn’t matter.

I am now a 36 DD and am completely thrilled with my results, and so is my husband.

Thanks Dr.Caridi !!!!

First of all, I just want to say thank you!  You and your staff were wonderful and made me feel at ease about having the surgery performed.  I felt like you understood not only the physical part of the gynecomastia but the psychological aspect as well.  For once, I actually look forward to using our pool this summer.  I am amazed at the results. My only regret is not having this done 10 years ago!  The incisions are almost completely healed and not noticeable at all.

It was a big deal for me

Anyone considering gyno surgery has to consider the AGC for sure.

The AGC is the real deal.

I’m from out of town. They called me a lot during my recovery to answer my questions. That was nice.

He has a wonderful anesthesiologist. I wasn’t interested in feeling anything and they delivered!

Loved the AGC! Only regret is not taking care of this a lot sooner.

Dr. Caridi got me off the fence and now I’m rid of my gynecomastia!

After meeting with Dr. Caridi it was quite obvious he is a pro at his craft.

The gyno shaver was cool–no incision on my chest!

I had a blast staying in Austin after having my gynecomastia treated by Dr. Caridi.

My procedure was like a walk-in-the-park  at the Austin Gynecomastia Center at Westlake Plastic Surgery!

I looked all over the country for an expert in gyno. I found him at the AGC!

Just wanted to let you guys know (six years later) that I am still so pleased with my mommy makeover Dr. Caridi did in 2005. I have recommended your office numerous times over the years. Besides doing a wonderful job, Dr. Bob makes you feel SO comfortable and at ease. The staff was great and their interactions with each other made you feel like family! I definitely plan to return in the near future to have some “touch-up” work done! Just recommended you again today, so I thought it was only fair to let you know I thought you did an AWESOME job!!

This past week I celebrated my one year anniversay of my surgery. After years of medical procedures and significant weight loss, I met with Dr. Caridi and told him that I was doing it “for me.” I have never felt so good about my body. Some days it’s almost unfathomable, the life I have now. Everyday, getting dressed is fun, as everything fits well, hangs well. I viewed your website for the first time in many months and couldn’t help but smile as I recognized the faces. I’ve never had a ‘medical’ experience like it. When in your office, I’m recognized, treated like someone among friends, not the ‘NEXT’ patient. Thank you, thank you so much! Best wishes to all of you for continued success for many, many years in changing people’s lives.

I have to tell you I am so happy with my new body! My breasts are my new best friends and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I am close to 1 month from surgery and you have changed my life forever. It is hard for me to put into words how grateful I am to you! I am so honored to have met you and I look forward to the relationship I will continue with you and your great staff! You are an AWESOME doctor!!

This was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! I would be more than happy to give a testimonial if you ever need one.

I had a wonderful experience. I could not be more pleased with your facilities, doctors, nurses, and the entire surgery. Thank you for taking the time to address all of my concerns.

I especially appreciate the care that was taken making my husband feel comfortable and like a participant in my procedure. It was the smoothest surgical procedure I have ever had.

Excellent experience. Thanks to everyone for all your care and support. I will recommend your surgery center to all. I’m very pleased with the outcome. I feel wonderful and once again want to thank you.

I am very satisfied with my experience and surgery at Westlake Plastic Surgery. Everyone was professional and warm. The facilities were very clean and comfortable. My expectations were met in the highest degree. Thank you!

Words cannot express my gratitude for the perfect body sculpting Dr. Caridi performed. Dr. Caridi removed fat from all over by body and the result is truly beautiful. I am so happy. I feel so good about my new look and I can wear clothing that I could never have dreamed of wearing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Caridi performed my breast augmentation. He made me feel so at ease. He took plenty of time to explain everything to me. His nurse was so helpful and informative. His anesthesiologist, Dr. Diane Boysen was wonderful. I was safely asleep and did not feel any pain. The entire staff was great. Everything about it was positive. I had minimal swelling, and a very painless recovery due to the pain pump. My incisions (crease) are barely noticeable. My breasts are very natural looking. I would return to Dr. Caridi for plastic surgery in the future.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Dr. Caridi and the first-class staff at Westlake Plastic Surgery. I recovered pretty quickly from my surgery. I feel great and I finally look the way I feel. Thank you for the kindness you all showed us.

I went to Dr. Caridi for plastic surgery. Dr. Caridi recommended ‘staged’ surgery. First I had a large liposuction; then six months later a breast augmentation and a little more liposuction; then six months after that a facelift and an eye lift, and finally one month later a blue peel. I know it sounds like a lot, but it was perfect. I wouldn’t have wanted to do one without another. It was perfect for me. The staff of Westlake Plastic Surgery was wonderful. It was a great experience.

They don’t cut corners at Westlake Plastic Surgery. The privacy of having an on-site surgery center made me feel safe and comfortable. I felt like I was the center of attention. The same team of staff members surrounded me from beginning to end. I knew everyone by first name. My surgical experience couldn’t have gone better.

The experience was much better than I anticipated! Everyone was very professional and kind! Thank you all!

Thank you so much!! I feel like you went to medical school just to treat me! That is how special and wonderful you and your staff made me feel.

Dr. Caridi is the best. I wouldn’t have ever considered having anything done with anyone else. It starts with his honest opinion and finishes with a trusting, caring friend.

I went to Dr. Caridi for plastic surgery. I totally trusted him with my care. He gave great advice and helped me sort out all the options. At a time when TV shows unrealistic plastic surgery, I turned to Dr. Caridi for appropriate advice and wisdom. My safety was his top priority.

I first met Dr. Robert Caridi in the emergency room because my lip got chewed off by a Great Dane. Dr. Bob did a fabulous job and I don’t even have a scar. Later, I went to Dr. Caridi for liposuction. Since then he has totally re-done my wife! I think he is the best plastic surgeon in the world. He is a miracle of modern science!

I was in decent shape but had areas of my body that always drove me crazy – specifically, I wanted my thighs and rear to be a smaller. Still, the thought if having plastic surgery scared me so I did lots of research before deciding to talk to Dr. Caridi. Immediately, he made me feel at ease and answered every question thoroughly. I had liposuction and I am very pleased with the results. Finally, I had the body I’d been dreaming of! I’d highly recommend Dr. Caridi to anyone considering having a cosmetic procedure.


I didn’t expect the toll that having children would take on my body. I went to Dr. Caridi for a breast augmentation, breast lift and liposuction. Now my figure is proportionate and my confidence is back. Dr. Caridi is skilled and confident. The staff of Westlake Plastic Surgery was wonderful and kind.

I had surgery by Dr, Robert Caridi at Westlake Plastic Surgery. It was an incredible, life changing experience executed from start to finish with comfort and professionalism. I felt as though I was being cared for by family.

Hats off to Dr. Caridi and his staff! What I envisioned as one of ‘life’s most humbling moments’ has evolved into an exciting life changing event. Thank you so much for all the extra time you and your staff spent helping me in my “artistic transformation” – I love the outcome! A special thanks for making it financially possible. I cannot express my gratitude enough. The teamwork and professionalism in your office is a rare find.

I can’t believe it has been six months since my surgery! I am so pleased with the results, I don’t think I can put it into words what a change this has been for me. Everything went so smoothly from the first visit until my visit last week. This has been an incredible journey for me. The surgery went so well and the recovery went so smoothly. You all did such a great job preparing me for the surgery and recovery that all seemed to go as planned without any surprises. I was never in any discomfort and the time flew by. You all gave me more than my figure back , you gave me some much needed self confidence too. I love to go shopping for clothes now. I will see something that a model or mannequin will be wearing and I can buy it and wear it with confidence. No more trying to buy clothes that will hide my body. I will be wearing a swimsuit at the lake for the first time in years! I am a whole new person with a whole new outlook for my future. I am even more motivated to eat healthy and continue to exercise regularly so I can maintain this new figure. This surgery has been a life style changing event not only for me but for my family! We are getting healthy! This experience has even enriched my life with my husband. I knew he loved me but after seeing my before and after photos I know that he really loves me. I am looking forward to being his eye candy for many years to come.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me! I am feeling so good about myself for the first time in years. You all were so wonderful and so supportive of me and my results. I can’t thank you enough!

I am a theatric performer and singer, so the surgeon I chose for my nasal surgery was a big decision. Dr. Caridi was excellent and everything went beautifully.


After having three boys, I wanted my body back. Diet and exercise helped, but certain areas of my body never seemed to change. Childbirth can do that to you. I went to see Dr. Caridi about a ‘mommy make-over’. I told him that I wanted him to fix everything from my breast down to my thighs, and boy, did he! During my consultation, Dr Caridi and his friendly and informed staff were very good about making sure I was comfortable while helping me decide which procedures would be best for me. Dr. Caridi and his staff are of the utmost professional caliber and I now consider every one of them my friend. I would highly recommend Westlake Plastic Surgery to anyone who is feeling a little down about their appearance. Dr. Caridi has totally changed my life for the better and I know he can do the same for you.


I would HIGHLY recommend your expertise to anyone wanting either a “spiff-up” or more comprehensive cosmetic surgery.

Your talent is unrivaled. You and your staff are professional, inspire confidence and provide excellent before and after care. I was given accurate and complete information. All my questions were answered and my concerns fully addressed.

My experience was life changing. I recognize “me” once again. It is much easier to age gracefully without all those chins. (Where did they come from?) I love that my eyelids no longer droop.

There is no way to suitably express my appreciation.

I am eternally grateful.


My name is Vida and I had upper eyelid surgery. I love the results and I wish I would have done it ten years ago. Not only I look better, I feel better and from feeling better, I am inspired to take care of my body more. I eat smaller portions at each meal and I take more walks and dance more. It is hard to believe that a change on the outside can make such a change on the inside. Dr. Caridi is a combination of an expert plastic surgeon and a master human body sculptor and I am very grateful for all he did for me.

Thank you Dr Caridi, Dr. Boysen and staff.  You are all angels.  My life has changed dramatically since my procedures.  I have learned a lot and am so very grateful.  With your loving and creative help, you have helped me open up to endless possibilities in this beautiful life.  We are all very blessed.  Indeed you are all artists and angels!

Forever grateful……
Blessings and much love!

I want to thank you for your consultation in late November. I so appreciate your candid advice and your integrity, in light of the fact you were turning away business. I’ve enjoyed Dr. B “Needles” and her work. Lizzy is fun, too!



Thank you to everyone at Westlake Plastic Surgery for the FABULOUS care and flawless execution of my procedures. Only six days out and I’m already in love with the results! Your focus on quality, friendliness and professionalism put me at ease and made the entire experience so pleasant. So many people have asked me who did my work, and I have proudly replied, ‘Dr. Caridi.’ Expect an influx of consultations!

I had to go last week for my baseline mammogram. The tech was VERY complimentary of your work. Not ever coming across some one else’s breasts myself, I wouldn’t know otherwise, but she said that with so many women she sees the implants are encapsulated, rigid, located poorly… She was very impressed by how easily she could manipulate mine to get the shots she needed. She complimented my choice of doctors…

If anyone would know, I would assume someone that sees 300 – 400 breasts a week would!

Of course you and I already know that you’re very good at what you do, so it’s like preaching to the choir… But still nice to hear!

Dear Dr. Caridi,

I felt the need to share this story with you.

I went in for my yearly check up with my Gyn. I was a tad bit nervous to see him because this was the first visit since my breast augmentation. He has been my doctor since 1985 and is very conservative. His exact words upon seeing my new breasts were “WOW !’ “WOW!” “WOW!” ” Can I touch them!” All in all he was very impressed. That would have been fun left at that.

Well, two days ago I get a call from him. I was a bit nervous because there was no reason that I knew of for him to call me. He was actually calling me to get your name. He told me that in his career he has seen thousands of breast real and augmented. Initially after seeing mine he considered them to be in the top two he has ever seen. After consideration he decided that mine were the top for two reasons. First–my age and second–the fact that I have had three children. Taking all of that into consideration, he is going to give your name to all his patients looking for augmentation.

I just thought you would like to know that your work is raising more than eyebrows if you know what I mean! lol!

Thank You Again,

Dr. Caridi,
You performed my breast augmentation about 7 years ago and I am still very happy with the results. I have taken great care to sleep in a sports bra and wear double bra when running. I have had other friends that have had augmentations from other doctors. They are envious of the look and shape of my breasts. Just wanted to say thank you for giving me years of self-confidence!