Breast Enhancement Procedures

  • breast augmentation special at westlake plastic surgery - discount on famous breast enhancement proceudre

    Breast Augmentation

    If you’ve been waiting for a breast augmentation, now is your time. Experience the most popular plastic surgery procedure from the most experienced surgeon in Austin.

  • breast reduction austin Westlake Plastic Surgery

    Breast Reduction

    Too much of a good thing can be a problem. Back, neck pain and poor posture all improved. This “happy” procedure is liberating and life changing.

  • breast lift austin by dr. robert caridi of westlake plastic surgery

    Breast Lift

    Also called a mastopexy, this procedure reshapes the breast and improves nipple position. Often combined with a breast augmentation and called Breast Lift With Implants.

  • breast lift with implants breast reduction and lift Austin Westlake Plastic Surgery

    Breast Lift With Implants

    Transform low, sagging breasts into higher, tighter breasts with this procedure that combines a breast lift with a breast augmentation to transform your appearance.

  • breast augmentation and reduction (BAR) procedure at westlake plastic surgery

    Breast Augmentation and Reduction (BAR)

    For more mature breasts, Dr. Caridi has pioneered an advanced version of the Breast Lift With Implants called the Breast Augmentation and Reduction (BAR).

  • breast revision breast implant adjustment by Dr. Caridi of westlake plastic surgery in austin texas

    Breast Revision Center

    If you’ve had previous breast work and things aren’t right or you’re looking for an upgrade or new implants, this is where it all begins. Change implant size, improve the natural feel and appearance of the breasts and correct capsular contracture.