Dissatisfaction with Breast Reduction or Lift

A breast reduction is “happy surgery,” as it reduces the burden of large, heavy breasts. A mastopexy, or breast lift, is designed to reshape the breast without tissue removal. Both procedures result in similarly shaped scars. Results from these procedures often lack superior breast fullness and “breast lift” features.

Although patients have benefited significantly from these procedures, modern day advances in techniques and outcomes have drawn the interest of those seeking a higher level of refinement. A reduced breast may lack a youthful shape and superior breast fullness. A mastopexy may have resulted in only temporary breast shape improvements that have fallen over time.

Breast revision alternatives include additional reshaping procedures utilizing existing scars or even the use of a breast implant to optimize breast shaping. Nipples that are too high or low may be adjusted. Breasts that have been left too large after a reduction may be further reduced to the desired size.

Breast revision procedures offered to patients who have had a previous breast reduction or mastopexy are at higher risk for complications and should be careful to explore options with surgeons with extensive experience with these challenging cases.

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