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Breast Reduction In Austin, TX

Breast Reduction Surgery at Westlake Plastic Surgery

Looking Normal, Feeling Confident

Too much of a good thing isn’t always good. When it comes to macromastia (large breasts), the burden of carrying the weight of dense, low breasts can take its toll on the body and the mind. You've always dreamed of having smaller breasts, but you're afraid to undergo breast reduction surgery because you worry that it will be painful and that the results will look weird or unnatural. But at Westlake Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX, we offer women with large breasts relief from back pain, neck aches, and shoulder tension - all while offering them normal-sized breasts without pain or unnatural appearance with other procedures. We strive to deliver the best breast reductions Austin has to offer. In addition to traditional breast reduction, Westlake also offers an advanced approach, perfected by Dr. Caridi over 20 years, withBreast Reduction with Augmentation. This technique incorporates breast implants to enhance youthful fullness in the upper poles of your breasts and a more attractive shape -- adding volume up top and reducing down low. If you seek higher, tighter, perkier breasts, this is the way to go. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more.

What is Breast Reduction?

Optimal Comfort & Confidence

It’s no secret that large breasts can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. From back problems to poor self-image to health problems such as sleep apnea, many women with larger breasts are significantly impacted by size. The good news is that breast reduction surgery can relieve some of these symptoms.

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces one or both breasts to make them smaller. A woman with larger breasts may be embarrassed by their size and shape and can experience neck, shoulder, and back pain; they may also find it difficult to exercise and participate in certain activities. We offer a safe and natural-looking breast reduction option for our Austin patients, including nipple correction surgery if desired.

What Are The Benefits of Breast Reduction?

Feel Confident in Your Clothes Again

A woman gets breast reduction surgery mainly to relieve physical symptoms like neck and back pain and skin irritation. Another critical benefit of breast reduction surgery is psychological relief. Women who’ve had large breasts for years may be able to sleep on their backs again or even get relief from emotional distress, such as feeling less anxious in social situations.

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Reduction?

Discuss Your Options at Westlake Plastic Surgery

Women with large breasts are much more prone to musculoskeletal complaints (back and neck pain). Heavy breasts are uncomfortable, not particularly flattering, and can negatively impact physical activity and a normal lifestyle. There is always a constant awareness of your breasts that makes you self-conscious. Women with large breasts seek breast reduction surgery because they want to look normal, do all the activities other women can do, and feel confident and proportional. Any woman with large breasts who suffers from the issues described above is an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Your Breast Reduction Procedure

What to know

Austin breast reduction - vertical lift

A breast reduction refers to any plastic surgical procedure that reduces breast size. The two most popular techniques involve only a difference in the incision pattern. The first is a vertical scar breast reduction with the final scar shaped like a lollipop, and the second is a “keyhole” pattern whose final scar is shaped like an anchor. It involves removing breast tissue and excess breast skin, elevating the nipples, and reducing the diameter of the areolas. These procedures have been reliable and proven over many years and among millions of patients.

Austin breast reduction - anchor lift

Less commonly performed is the liposuction alternative, where there are no breast reduction scars, and liposuction alone removes the breast fat to make them smaller. Appropriate breast reduction aims to create smaller breasts with an improved shape. This will liberate the patient in many ways. We call breast reduction surgery “happy surgery,” as the results are nothing short of transformative and life-changing.

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Breast Reduction Recovery

Take the Time to Rest & Heal

Several days of recovery are needed before returning to work. Exercise can start in about ten days to two weeks. A soft, supportive bra is used for several weeks, followed by the bra of your choice. Breast shaping after a reduction is important to achieve that “implanted” look. This means using a bra that forms your breast into a perky shape and keeping it that way for four months after the procedure. As the breast heals internally with scar formation, your breast will stay the shape of the bra. After 30 years of doing this type of work, we like to focus on the wonderful results that are possible with the appropriate techniques during and after the actual breast reduction procedure.

Breast Reduction Results

Marvelous Results

Ultimately, you can look forward to enhanced comfort and a more proportional appearance. While our Austin breast reduction patients are overwhelmingly ecstatic about their results, we also offer a more advanced approach to breast reduction. The BRA (Breast Reduction with Augmentation) allows patients to reduce the size of their breasts while enhancing their youthful shape.

The BRA (Breast Reduction with Augmentation) Procedure

Enhance Your Results

Breast reduction surgeries have been considered a functional procedure since the 1920s because of the associated disability with larger breasts. Although the procedure reduced the burden of heavy breasts, patients and surgeons became aware of some of the shortcomings, such as flattening of the breast, boxiness in shape, and high riding nipples. Other problems included “bottoming out” of the breast and insufficient volume reduction, so patients complained that their breast reductions were not made small enough.

Today, plastic surgery expectations are higher and include aesthetic/cosmetic considerations to enhance the results of this popular breast surgery. Patients want relief of their heavy breast symptoms as well as a better breast appearance after treatment. Surgeons have been working since then to provide a better shape and longer-lasting results. One such combination alternative is the use of a breast reduction and breast implant to optimize breast shape. The breast implant adds volume that is missing from the upper breast, and the breast reduction removes the saggy, loose tissue at the bottom of the breast.

Additional Reading

The combination of the procedures works synergistically to reshape the new breast by reducing the lower pole and augmenting the upper pole. The BRA Procedure (Breast Reduction with Augmentation) is a more advanced procedure than breast reduction surgery. This cutting-edge alternative adds the benefits of a breast implant to reducing breast tissue. The result is very impressive compared to a breast reduction alone. There is a lot more superior breast fullness, and the breasts sit higher on the chest wall. The shape is better, and there is no sagging of the breast tissue. The ability to customize the shape and size of the breast is unparalleled.

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Texas has long been recognized as one of America’s leaders in surgical breast reduction procedures. At Westlake Plastic Surgery, we perform these and other types of cosmetic surgery for women in and around Austin. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about breast reduction surgery and determine if you’re a good candidate for it.

Breast Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

Interestingly enough, breast reduction surgery is less painful than breast augmentation! This is so because with breast augmentation surgery, a breast implant is placed below the muscle and the discomfort comes from the immediate stretching of the chest muscle. A breast reduction is associated with moderate discomfort, typically managed with oral pain medication for two days, and then patients use non-narcotics like Motrin or Aleve.

Any time you have surgery, there is a risk of a complication. Thankfully, most are not severe and usually just a minor nuisance to an otherwise normal recovery. Hematoma, seroma, and fat necrosis are possible risks. These often resolve by themselves. Poor breast reduction scarring is always a possibility if patients inherently heal poorly or if the procedure wasn’t performed properly. Wound healing problems are not uncommon and often small and limited to the area where the vertical scar meets the inframammary fold.

At Westlake Plastic Surgery, we perform about 50 breast reductions per year, but we don’t accept any insurance, and these patients are “self-pay.” That doesn’t mean the option is not available to you through other providers. If your breasts are large enough based on your height and weight (BMI), your health insurance may cover the cost of breast reduction surgery. The best way to determine this is to reach out to your insurance company and ask them. Make sure they are good at what they do.

Large breasts that cause discomfort, pain and limit daily life activities are the most common reasons for breast reduction.

There are scars and all scars are permanent. The scars from a breast reduction can be shaped like a lollipop or an anchor depending on the technique used. Some people scar poorly while most people scar very normally. Scars and breast reduction surgery go hand in hand. If you want to experience the upsides of a breast reduction you must accept scars. Don’t choose your surgeon based on the shape of the scars but on the quality of their results.

Instead of relying on traditional cup sizes (A, B, C, D), which can vary significantly among different bra manufacturers and lack precision, Dr. Caridi prefers to employ a percentage-based approach. In this way, we can discuss the degree of reduction or augmentation you desire more accurately. Dr. Caridi takes the time to consult with patients several times before surgery to make sure they want what they want. Through these discussions, Dr. Caridi, gets an idea of what the patient wants. The most satisfied patients have breasts that “fit” their frame and lifestyle.

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