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Breast Reduction Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 07

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This patient is seen after a bilateral inferior pedicle breast reduction. I reduced 764 grams of tissue on the smaller breast and 938 grams on the larger breast. I also performed liposuction of her breasts with 650cc fat removal for optimal contouring.

You can see the big change with the reduction. Look at her moles for a reference. She lost 20 pounds since surgery (partly the weight of her breasts and her own efforts). She is happy and no longer has the pain in the neck and shoulders that she had to deal with every day.

Her scars are shaped like an anchor. Smaller breasts can often be managed with a vertical reduction with scars shaped like a lollipop.

Just so you know, I do not accept insurance for anything, and often your health insurance may pay for the reduction so unless you want me specifically to perform your reduction I would suggest you visit with reputable plastic surgeons who are on your insurance plan.

Breast reduction needs to be done so that they are significantly smaller than they were or many women will not be happy. Make them fit their figures but don’t leave them too large as this defeats the reason for the reduction to begin with. In addition, most patients will gain weight as they get older making their breasts larger as well.

It’s always a good idea to consider a breast reduction if your breasts are large and they are giving you symptoms. The procedure works and it’s happy surgery. It is a good idea to get as close to your ideal BMI before the procedure to enjoy the benefits of the reduction as well as the health benefits of weight loss.

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