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This young woman presented to me for a breast reduction. Although her breasts are not particularly large (compared to most women who complain of large breasts), she doesn’t like the way they appear, the saggy nature to them and the uncomfortable pain in her back on occasion.

Just to be different, I have compared her pre op pictures with her pictures 2 weeks after her breast revision so you can get an idea of what an early result looks like. She is bruised, they are shaped a bit odd because they have not settled and her incision is most visible at this time (and it’s not bad at all).

She wanted her breasts 50% smaller than she started with. I reduced about 210 grams of tissue from each side and I used a superior pedicle technique in her case with a vertical approach. This means that I didn’t perform the typical “keyhole” pattern where the scar is shaped like an anchor and an inferior pedicle is used.

I did this in her case because she wasn’t that big, she had relatively narrow breasts and she had firm breast tissue that sat at the upper part of her breasts. The thinking is to build the new breast with tissue where it’s supposed to be rather than using the saggy tissue at the bottom of the breast and “moving it up.” I was also able to keep the scar much shorter in the breast crease with this method.

If you look carefully at her breast revision results, it’s an incredible change for sure. They are up higher on her ribs significantly (look at the mole on her left side under her breast for a reference point). They are shaped like she has breast implants! This is because she is young and has high quality breast tissue.

My instructions to her at this time is to shape her breasts with a proper fitting bra that molds them in the ideal, youthful shape and position. It works, but this has to be done early in the healing as the components of the breast heal internally from the actual procedure.

She will also start silicone scar trips in a week or so and use them for 3 months. These work to keep the scar fine and almost invisible in many cases.

Breast reduction procedures are happy ones. Patients are generally thrilled to have new, shapelier and lighter breasts. I will suggest my BRA procedure (Breast Reduction with Augmentation) if the tissue quality is poor and the breasts are very saggy without superior breast fullness. Patients need the benefits of a breast implant for superior fullness and a breast reduction to remove the saggy tissue in order to obtain the best result.

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