Excessive Movement of Breast Implants

Breast implants will always develop a layer of scar tissue around them that forms the implant capsule or “pocket.” If the pocket is much larger than the implant, breast implant movement may become excessive and bothersome. Watch Dr. Caridi demonstrate excessive movement of breast implants.


The implant pocket can become very large for several reasons: it may have been made large at the time of the initial surgery, or it became larger over the years, as the forces of gravity expand the pocket, inferiorly and laterally and the breast appears to move down and to the side.

Patients heal differently based on their genetics. Patients that are considered “soft healers” don’t scar with any firmness about the implant, resulting in excessive mobility of the implant.

Treatment options include implant pocket adjustments. The pocket can be made smaller with sutures or the pocket can be changed to a new location above or below the muscle. Sometimes a “textured” implant will “stick” more than the smooth walled variety resulting in less movement. Wearing a supportive bra will always reduce movement of the implants.

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