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Tubular Breasts In Austin, TX

Tubular Breasts – Tuberous Breasts – Condition Overview

The condition called tubular breasts, also referred to as breast hypoplasia or tuberous breasts, occurs when a woman’s breasts appear narrow, small, cylinder shaped, and widely separated on the chest. The areolas typically appear larger, stretched, and pouty. The condition is rare and we don’t know the cause of tubular breasts. Most women notice this at the time of puberty when the breasts develop. Breast hypoplasia can be a considerable source of discomfort and embarrassment. Because tuberous breasts condition is uncommon and not known to many people, women often are at a loss as to why their breasts are so different from others. They don’t know that this is actually a medical condition over which they have no control.

Tubular breasts, breast hypoplasia, and tuberous breast condition is treated with surgery. Although there are various surgical alternatives, most use a breast implant and breast reshaping to optimize the result. Often the breast tissue needs to be treated so that it is flatter and less clumpy. The areola diameter is also made smaller with a special suture technique.

Tubular Breasts – Tuberous Breasts – Correction Procedure

This can be a challenging procedure in the best of hands so I would only choose surgeons with significant experience. There is an “art” to getting them just right that often requires some post surgery massage and molding to help shape the breast. Snoopy breast, double bubble deformity, and widening of the areola’s are problems with all procedures designed to treat this condition and the focus for the surgeon is to do his / her best to make sure these problems are uncommon.

Anesthesia Options:

General Anesthesia is typical.

Risks and Benefits:

The problems with the tuberous breasts correction procedure are similar to any breast surgery that involves a breast implant. In addition, it should be known that tubular breasts correction is a more challenging breast procedure and your surgeon should have extensive experience to ensure the best result. Although symmetry is the goal, it is a rare to make two perfectly symmetrical breasts. With successful tubular breasts correction surgery, narrow, “funky” looking breasts now appear wider, more natural, and attractive. The source of embarrassment and frustration is “fixed” and your breasts actually become a source of pride and joy.

Austin tubular breast patient before and after

Tuberous Breasts Correction – Procedure Recovery

It takes about three days to recover from a breast hypoplasia correction procedure. It takes several months for the breasts to shape and settle to their best appearance, as is common with many breast augmentation procedures.

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