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Tuberous Breasts Correction Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 05

Patient Details

This is a 21 year old patient who is 5’7” and 145 pounds who presented to me for correction of a “tubular” breast condition. Indeed, on examination she has narrow breasts that are asymmetrical and with enlargement of her areolas.

She is seen here early – just two months – after her tubular breast correction procedure. She was augmented with smooth silicone implants (300cc on the left and 275cc on the right). They are moderate profile implants. Her incision is around her areolas on both sides, the implants were placed beneath the muscle, and the dense breast tissue beneath the nipple areola complexes on both sides was “splayed out” surgically so that it isn’t so prominent. I closed her areola incisions with a GORTEX suture to help keep the areola diameter small during the healing phase.

She is doing beautifully and is extremely pleased. Her right implant is higher and her nipple-areola complex on the right is lower. This is to be expected, but, with additional massage of her implant down on the right side this will lower the implant and move the nipple-areola complex up which will make her breasts more symmetrical.

Tubular breast procedures are a challenge. Perfection is difficult. In this patients case, she is very pleased and we expect the results to improve over time with massage. She has amazing cleavage compared to no cleavage before her procedure. She has fullness that she never had before. I hope to post her longer term results when she returns in about seven months. There are various ways of tackling a tubular breast and this is just one of them. A well versed and experienced surgeon will handle the problem depending on the individual issues with each patient.

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