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Breast Lift In Austin, TX

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Breast Lift in Austin with Westlake Plastic Surgery

Over time, following pregnancy, or due to weight change, the breasts can lose their youthful fullness and position. The upper poles of your breasts may begin to look “deflated” from volume loss, with your breast tissue sitting lower on your chest wall. When this happens, you may consider a breast lift. Westlake Plastic Surgery in Austin offers the expertise to lift your breasts to their more youthful position by reducing excess skin and elevating the nipple for firmer, lifted breasts. We strive to deliver the best breast lifts Austin has to offer. There are many options when it comes to breast procedures. During your private consultation, we will help guide you to the optimal procedure for your specific goals and anatomy. Contact us to discuss how you can lift your breasts and achieve a perky, youthful look you’ll love.

Dr. Caridi Explains Your Incision Options

What is a Breast Lift?

Retain Perky Pert Breasts

While some Austin breast lift patients may choose to enhance their procedure with implants, others may be interested in simply creating a youthful appearance without breast implants. If you have decided for yourself that you don’t want breast implants, a breast lift or small breast reduction is the best way to rejuvenate the deflated, sagging breast. A breast lift is a procedure for breast sagging due to weight loss, age, or pregnancy. It involves removing excess skin and tightening slack breast tissue without changing breast size. A breast lift is ideal for those with smaller breasts that are sagging and who have good quality skin. A breast lift on larger breasts typically results in recurrent sagging of the breast tissue over time. Many surgeons offer breast lifts on patients who are not ideal candidates, and this can often lead to disappointment. For instance, a breast lift will not add superior breast fullness that is only obtained with a breast implant.

Austin breast lift explanation of the options for incisions
Average Cost: Contact Us
Recovery Time: 2-3 days
Average Procedure Time: 1.5 hours
Post-Op Follow-Up: 2 weeks, 2 months and 1 year
Recovery Location: Out-Patient

What Are The Benefits of a Breast Lift?

Lift your spirits.

A breast lift – or mastopexy – is a reshaping plastic surgery procedure that tightens and lifts the breasts without using a breast implant. Your surgeon will adjust the skin and tissue of the breast and relocate the nipple-areola complex, so the breast looks more youthful and attractive. In the ideal breast lift patient, the results are very satisfying. Many variants of the procedure can be used to achieve this goal, the most common being a “vertical” approach that results in a lollipop-shaped scar.

A breast lift can help bring back lost confidence and improve body self-image for those whose breasts have been affected by aging, pregnancies, or breastfeeding. It is important to stress that a breast lift by itself does not enhance volume or fullness in the upper portions of the breasts. If you are interested in restoring fullness in the upper poles of your breasts, you may choose to include implants in your breast lift procedure. In Texas, our plastic surgeons offer innovative breast procedures, including breast lifts, to give you the breasts you desire.

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Breast lifts are ideal for patients with smaller breasts with good skin quality and who don’t want breast implants. For patients who have larger breasts that sit lower on the chest wall than they would like, combining a breast lift or reduction with augmentation may deliver superior results. This procedure will prevent the appearance of sagging, excess tissue and deliver a more youthful shape.

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Your Breast Lift Procedure

Reduce Negative Body Image

There are many proposed alternatives that use the term “breast lift.” The most reliable procedures result in a scar that is shaped like a lollipop or an anchor. A breast lift doesn’t add to the top of the breast; it only shapes the bottom. Breast lifting procedures do not add volume or fullness to the breast. It’s actually not a true “lift” as much as it is an illusion created by an improved breast shape and the elevation of the nipples. Far more common is a breast lift with implant combination – see details about that procedure. The addition of a breast implant can dramatically improve breast shape and is the only option to add breast fullness up top where it is most desired. For the larger breast, it’s better to actually remove breast tissue and make the breast smaller than to simply “lift” the breast. It’s important to avoid the many “lifting” procedures that some surgeons offer that really don’t lift at all (Benelli lift, internal lift, crescent lift, and others).

Austin breast lift - vertical lift
Austin breast lift - anchor lift

Breast Lift Recovery

A Plan For Your Care

The time it takes for you to recover depends on many factors, including your breast size and your body’s initial healing ability. Most of our Austin breast lift patients expect their recovery process to take about 4–6 weeks. Exercising should be avoided during this period of time, and strenuous activity should be delayed until your doctor gives you permission. You will need at least one week before resuming regular activity, so plan ahead and make sure your schedule is clear.

Breast Lift Results

A Fresh New Look

Once your body heals and swelling subsides after surgery, your breasts will adopt their new position. You will notice firmer, rounder, more symmetrical breasts that have a perky, youthful look. If your breasts were showing signs of ptosis, or downward-pointing nipples, that will have changed after a breast lift as well. While your breasts will continue to be affected by age, weight fluctuations, and gravity, a breast lift will dramatically turn back the clock on body aging. The regular use of a very supportive bra is essential to a long term stable result.

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In order to best achieve your breast rejuvenation goals, it’s essential that you have a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. During your consultation, we will discuss your history and work with you one-on-one in order to best determine which procedures are right for you. Fill out our online contact form here to schedule a consultation!

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Breast Lift Frequently Asked Questions

The recovery time following a breast lift is quick, typically taking a week or two. Pain medication is used for a few days at most.

While a breast lift is considered a relatively low-risk procedure, surgery inherently involves some potential for complications. The most common risks associated with a breast lift include infection, bleeding, scarring, poor healing, and loss of nipple sensitivity. You can minimize your risks by seeking treatment from a highly experienced and reputable provider.

A breast lift is ideal for patients who want to restore a more youthful breast position on the chest wall without affecting volume. However, the specialists at Westlake Plastic Surgery offer a broad spectrum of breast procedures designed to sculpt and rejuvenate your breasts. During your thorough consultation, we will assess your concerns and present you with the most appropriate options for your needs and goals.

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