“Double Bubble” Deformity

"Double Bubble" Deformity"Double Bubble" DeformitySearching the Internet for “double bubble breast” will likely result in a great deal of confusion. Various breast shapes are referred to as “double bubble”. I limit my description of double bubble to a condition where the breast implant is present below the normal breast crease, giving the appearance of a second bulge at the bottom of the breast. This can occur under various circumstances, but most commonly presents itself when a large breast implant is used on a woman with small, tight breasts or in those women who have a “tuberous” appearance to their breasts (very narrow breasts with enlarged and bulging areolas). In these cases, the higher bubble is the actual smaller breast and the lower bubble is the larger breast implant behind.

In the photos here, this patient has a double bubble because her implant fell below her natural breast crease.

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