Desire for Implant Removal

Some women want their implants removed. It may be because they are concerned about health issues that they think are related to their implants (there is no scientific evidence that breast implants cause any medical conditions), or they may simply be “tired” of their implants or frustrated with an unsatisfactory breast enhancement that they have been living with for a long time.

Breast implant removal is always an option. Choosing to enjoy the benefits of a breast enhancement does not mean that you need to have implants for life. The question becomes, What will my breasts look like after I remove my implants? Will additional procedures be necessary to ensure that my breasts look their best? Will I be happy with my decision to remove my implants? How will implant removal affect my life?

Saline Breast Implant Removal Surgery Using Local Anesthesia - Beast Augmentation RevisionWatch

In terms of options, every patient is unique and requires a careful analysis to determine what option is best. Implant removal will affect not only the size but also the shape of the breast. For those women with small breasts and good tissue quality, simply removing the breast implants is all that is needed, as the breast will retract back nicely in most cases. For women with poor-quality breast tissue, a breast lift may be needed.

In every case where I am presented with a patient who requests a breast implant removal, I will always counsel her on the changes that she can reasonably expect afterward. The appearance of a woman’s chest after implant removal can be quite dramatic (and in some cases disfiguring). Many women have had breast implants for so long that they can’t even remember what they used to look like.

Many women are pleased that they have removed their breast implants, and they have no desire for future implants. Others who have elected to remove their implants return some time later for new breast implants, as they are not satisfied with the outcome. It’s good to know that you have options, and you don’t have to worry that you have made a bad choice—if you don’t like your breasts after implant removal, you always have the option to come back and have new ones placed.

How do I know if I need a breast lift after implant removal?

Your surgeon must have a lot of experience to help guide you through this decision. It’s all about predicting how well your breasts will shrink back after implant removal. If your surgeon suggests a lift after implant removal, it may be done at the time of removal or at a later date (a two-stage procedure). You can always elect to have them removed and see if you can live with your result. If not, you can always have them augmented again.

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