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Mondor's Condition In Austin, TX

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Mondor's condition is an inflammation of the veins of the chest area. It is a benign, self-limiting condition. Patients may experience mild breast pain, and visible “cords” can be seen at the bottom of the breast. Raising your hands above your head causes stretching of the inflamed veins and pain.

This occurs in about 5 percent of breast augmentation patients. The exact cause is unclear, but it may be related to the swelling from the procedure or garments that are worn immediately after breast augmentation.

The treatment is the use of anti-inflammatory medications like Motrin™ or Aleve™. These should be taken in low doses three times a day with food for about two weeks. Relief is fast. The condition will go away and have no negative effect on your result.

If I have cord-like structures near my incision after a breast augmentation, should I notify my doctor?

This condition usually occurs within two weeks of surgery, so it is likely you will be seeing your surgeon anyway.

Are the cords that develop in Mondor’s breast inflammation permanent?

No, they soften and go away with time. It may take several weeks.

Who is most prone to developing Mondor’s breast inflammation after breast augmentation? 

No one knows who is most at risk for this benign inflammation after breast augmentation.

Do I need to take antibiotics if I have Mondor’s breast inflammation?

Antibiotics are not recommended for Mondor’s because the inflammation is not associated with bacteria.

Should I take oral steroids if I develop Mondor’s breast inflammation?

This would probably be overkill, as the condition is nicely treated with simple use of anti-inflammatory pills like Motrin™ and Aleve™.

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