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Neck Lift in Austin, TX

Lose The Double Chin Without Losing Weeks Of Your Time

The neck is a particularly complex part of the human anatomy when it comes to plastic surgery. This is because we are all genetically a bit different, and we all age differently as well. It's not uncommon to have the neck of your parents or grandparents. For this reason, it's key to have a provider who can determine exactly the right neck contouring procedure for your needs. At Westlake Plastic Surgery, we strive to deliver the best neck lift Austin has to offer. For many patients, a minimally invasive neck lift with liposuction is a popular neck rejuvenation alternative.

Neck Lift with Liposuction at Westlake Plastic Surgery

As a board-certified plastic surgeon at Westlake Plastic Surgery with over 40 years of experience, Dr. Robert Caridi is passionate about not only achieving great outcomes and providing great patient care but also about choosing the right procedure for your needs. Building a fully customized treatment plan for neck lift with liposuction in Austin at our nationally accredited surgery center gives patients a completely safe, comfortable, and comprehensive treatment experience.

What is a Neck Lift with Liposuction?

This popular neck rejuvenation alternative uses only liposuction to remove fat from under the chin and provide a lifted look. There is no skin removal or muscle manipulation, making it minimally invasive with a short recovery. Neck lift with liposuction is performed by making a tiny incision under the chin using only local anesthesia since discomfort is minimal. The result is a greatly reduced double chin and a more youthful appearance.

Neck Lift with Liposuction vs. a Traditional Neck Lift

Both a neck lift with liposuction and a traditional neck lift are meant to improve the appearance of the jawline and neck, but the methods have distinct differences. A traditional neck lift involves incisions, skin removal, and muscle manipulation, which is effective for those with very significant skin sagging, but it is invasive and requires notable downtime.

In contrast, a neck lift using only liposuction is much less invasive, has short downtime, and is ideal for those with submental fat or a double chin. Another non-surgical neck lift method sometimes used is injections with Kybella, which is non-invasive but offers very limited results. Neck lift with liposuction is the optimal mid-level choice for many patients.

What can a Neck Lift with Liposuction do for me?

Neck liposuction offers excellent results for the removal of the double chin and provides an improved neck angle and jawline contour. One of the most beneficial advantages of this procedure is the minimally invasive technique, which results in very little downtime. Our Austin neck lift with liposuction patients see great benefits like:

  • Reduction or elimination of a double chin
  • Tightened neck and jawline
  • Minimal downtime
  • Non-surgical and no general anesthesia or heavy sedatives required
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Am I a candidate for a Neck Lift with Liposuction?

The ideal candidate for neck liposuction treatment will have localized fatty accumulation under the chin with excellent skin elasticity. Patients with microgenia (an unusually small chin) or overweight patients with thick, full necks are not prime candidates for this procedure, though neck contouring can still be achieved in other ways. Liposuction of the face is a delicate procedure that should only be considered in the most optimal cases and must be performed by a skilled surgeon.

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Consultation and Preparation

Matching the right neck contouring procedure to your situation is essential for the best neck rejuvenation result. At a consultation, we will take the time to discuss your aesthetic goals, perform an examination, and create a completely personalized treatment plan to address your specific needs. You will also be provided with detailed preparation instructions and what to expect.


This treatment is performed by making very tiny incisions under the chin and then precisely and delicately suctioning out excess fat via a submental liposuction cannula. Typically, this procedure is completed in less than an hour using local anesthesia only. Additional oral valium can be used to reduce anxiety, but you will need someone to take you home in this case.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

You will likely experience some swelling and bruising, but recovery from liposuction of the neck is usually quick and easy. Most of our Austin neck lift with liposuction patients are able to return to regular activities, including work, within a week. The degree of results depends on the amount of fat present and the quality of your skin. Those with larger fat pockets that have excellent skin elasticity can expect the most impressive results from liposuction neck contouring.

Why choose Westlake Plastic Surgery?

Integrity and responsibility are the hallmarks of Dr. Robert Caridi's philosophy and guide the entire team at Westlake Plastic Surgery. With an impressive education and years of experience, Dr. Caridi believes that providing customized care, free from pressure on patients to undergo unnecessary procedures, is paramount to safety and outstanding aesthetic outcomes.

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Neck Lift with Liposuction

Frequently Asked Questions

Every cosmetic procedure has risks, but neck liposuction is the least risky in terms of neck rejuvenation, especially compared to open neck procedures with skin removal and muscle manipulation. Some temporary healing irregularities could occur, and infection is possible but rare.

The results from a neck lift with liposuction are permanent since the fat cells are removed; however, extreme weight gain could cause submental fat to become noticeable again.

Generally, this procedure is ideal for those in their 20s to 50s, but the key is that the patient has enough skin elasticity. Those with significant sagging skin or banding will not benefit from this procedure.

While there are some options, such as Kybella or other fillers, the results are typically very minimal and do not achieve the patient's goals.

Neck liposuction cost in Austin can vary significantly depending on the specific needs of each patient. It is always best to engage the most highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons for your safety and quality results.

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