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Breast Implants and Stretch Marks In Austin, TX

Austin breast implant stretch marks patient
Austin breast implant stretch marks patient

Stretch marks are scars that can appear when skin stretches or shrinks quickly. Stretch marks can appear during a growth spurt, pregnancy, and rapid weight gain or loss. In very rare instances, they can develop following breast augmentation.

We all know that stretch marks are undesirable. Thankfully, stretch marks after a breast augmentation are a rare occurrence. Surgeons don’t know why a tiny percentage of patients get stretch marks and who is likely to get them, but I have only seen them about three times in my 25 years of practice. Stretch marks become less red over time and will fade substantially. There are no creams, ointments, lasers, or other gimmicks that will improve the appearance of stretch marks, because a stretch mark is a scar, and a scar is permanent.

What if I develop stretch marks after my breast augmentation?

Don’t panic. If they do arise, it will happen several weeks after breast augmentation. I don’t know if the removal of your breast implants early after surgery will change the natural course of stretch marks. As with any concern following an operation, speak with your doctor.

How long until stretch marks heal after a breast augmentation?

It typically takes about two years for stretch marks to “burn out” or fade and become more skin-colored. At this point they will become harder to see, and many people forget about them entirely.

How do I prevent stretch marks after a boob job?

I don’t know of anything that helps here. You will find many people with their opinions, but nothing has proven to prevent stretch marks.

Do laser treatments help stretch marks?

I have never seen a patient who successfully treated stretch marks with laser treatments. You may see a bit of an improvement, but more often than not laser treatments will leave you disappointed.

Does Retin-A® help stretch marks?

Retin-A® may improve the appearance of stretch marks, but it would be minimal at best.

Does a breast augmentation improve the appearance of existing stretch marks on my breasts?

Yes. The vast majority of patients with preexisting stretch marks agree that the appearance is improved after breast augmentation.

Are birth control pills related to stretch marks?

Some believe that hormones are associated with stretch marks, but it is not proven that birth control pills cause stretch marks.

If I got stretch marks from pregnancy or weight gain, does that mean I will get them from a breast augmentation?

Stretch marks are most closely associated with genetics. Those who have a family history of stretch marks are at higher risk of developing them.

Should I avoid sun on my breasts if I have developed stretch marks?

I would avoid the sun on your breasts for about two years. It may affect the color and appearance of your stretch marks.

Do large breast implants cause stretch marks?

This is not a proven relationship, but clearly the larger you go, the greater the stretching and the greater the possibility of stretch marks.

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