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Implant Malposition In Austin, TX

Implant malposition refers to any condition in which an implant is not in its proper position after breast augmentation surgery. The implant may sit up too high, off to the side, or down low. The breast implant needs to sit properly behind the breast itself. It’s important to remember that breasts come in many different sizes and shapes.

Treatment options for suboptimal implant positioning include pocket adjustment, implant exchange, or even a breast lifting procedure. Use of ADM, or Acellular Dermal Matrix, is not uncommon.

Austin Breast Implant Malposition patient

What is the most common cause of breast implant malposition?

The majority of breast implant malposition cases that I see involve lateral displacement. Breast implants are least supported along the sides. The vast majority of women have significant sloping of the ribs under their breasts, which allows the implants to fall to the side under the influence of gravity.

How can you prevent implant malposition after a breast augmentation?

First, choose a surgeon who won’t insert an implant that is too large for your anatomy. Second, wear a supportive bra after surgery both day and night to ensure the implants stay where they’re supposed to. Gravity is the enemy of breast implants and can best be managed with regular use of a supportive bra.

How do I know if I have breast implant malposition?

Many women don’t even know they have implant malposition because the condition happens gradually. Implants will naturally move down and to the side over time, but that movement should not be excessive. There are a few ways to tell if you have malposition: If your breast implants move under your arms when you lie on your back, if your implants have moved down to your upper abdominal area, or if your cleavage area is unnatural-looking when your implants are moved to the middle.

Does the type of breast implant affect the possibility of implant malposition?

Mobile implants (smooth-walled, round implants) may move more than textured implants that are designed to adhere to surrounding tissue. Most implants sold in the USA are the non-textured variety.

Can I adjust the position of my breast implants non-surgically?

It is very unlikely that you could relocate your breast implants without a procedure. Once the implant capsule has expanded to be larger than the implant size, it’s unlikely to change shape or become smaller.

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