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Patient Details

This is an 18 year old young woman, 5’6” and 165 pounds who presented to me with a very significant case of tubular breast condition. She is seen here after a bilateral breast augmentation  with 375cc moderate plus shaped saline implants beneath the muscle. I have had to take her back for two minor revision procedures to get the shape you seen in these photos.

There is a tremendous difference in her breasts. At this junction, I would consider this a “home run” but her areola are still a bit larger than ideal. Her breast are relatively symmetrical and her implants are soft. We are entertaining going back in a year or so to reduce the size of her areolas with the help of a special gortex material suture that has proven very effective in minimizing spread of the areola’s after a reduction procedure.

Some important points to consider in this advanced tubular breast condition:

  1. Tubular breast condition is not “all or nothing”. Some women have a mild case while others is advanced. The breast base is narrow and the areolas are typically quite large with breast tissue bulging behind the areola creating the appearance of large, puffy areolas.
  2. Complex cases are a challenge for the surgeon. There are different ways to approach the problem, including the use of breast “expanders” to expand the tissues before shaping of the breast. In this case, I chose to put in the implants and work the breast with massage and molding to obtain the best shape. Once I got the “foundation” of the breast just where we want it, I change focus to getting the nipple areola complexes where we want them and the size that is preferred. However easy this may sound, it isn’t, and it requires a lot of effort, time and patience to achieve the best outcome.
  3. Realistic expectations are a must when it comes to complex tubular breast procedures. Be aware of how your surgeon charges fees in these complex cases: is it all up front for all aspects of the case or is it “a la carte” and there are fees associated with the various procedures performed over time.

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