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Patient Details

This is the case of a young woman who had tubular breast condition on both sides. This means the breast is typically narrow at the base and has an enlarged areola diameter with herniation of dense tissue into the areolas, giving the appearance of the breasts you see in the pictures.

The appearance of tubular breasts can vary considerably. It’s not always black and white in appearance—often it’s shades of gray. How to approach each individual case very much depends on what a patient presents with—the degree of herniation, narrowing of the base of the breast, skin excess, density of the breast tissue and the goals of the patient in terms of breast size and shape.

These cases are challenging, but improvements are very predictable and quite gratifying. Most cases benefit from the use of a breast implant for the ability of the implant to make the base of the breast larger and rounder, splaying the tissue, and allowing the super dense breast tissue to flatten and create some form of a breast lift. It’s also important, if not essential, to use a Gortex suture around the areola if the procedure is done only around the areola (as in her case seen here).

In her case, I did this all through an incision around the areolas. This is the “best” cosmetic outcome in a particularly young patient. In patients with a lot of skin excess or loose skin other alternatives need to be considered with scars that are oriented like a lollipop or anchor shaped.

Naturally, experience really matters in these challenging cases. It is in your best interest to visit with surgeons who have proven experience.

Results are NEVER perfect, but very impressive in the best of hands. You have to be realistic regarding your results.

In this patient’s case, she really didn’t express much about how the surgery affected her—I had to pry big time. She thought it was weird that I asked “personal” type questions. I told her that I am the doctor, and I know that the goal is to shape up her breasts so that she feels good about herself, her body and mind. After this, she opened up like a volcano and told me how it has helped her confidence, and clothing, and even her personality. With her boyfriend, she has much less anxiety with intimacy with her new breasts.


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