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Breast Reduction Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 09

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This is a 46 year old mother of three who is 5’6” and 143 pounds interested in a breast reduction. Her breasts are heavy and uncomfortable and make her look and feel overweight.

She is seen here after a bilateral breast reduction of around 500 grams a side. She has some minor irregularities that I plan on fixing ( dog ear on her right breast and some fat lateral to her left breast). She has healed very well and she is very happy with her new size. She looks totally different now and many people have asked her if she lost a lot of weight.

Her breast shape is impressive for a reduction because she has nice skin and because I shaped up her breasts after surgery with a form fitting bra. She wore this day and night since her procedure a year ago.

For those who desire a breast reduction but have poor skin quality and no superior fullness, it’s much more common now for women to consider my Breast Reduction with Augmentation alternative. I use the reduction part of the procedure to remove excess/saggy tissue and I use the breast implant to make more superior breast fullness. This is the future for sure when it comes to breast reduction. I have been writing about this for over ten years. Finally, women have a better alternative than just a breast reduction to optimize breast shape and size. Welcome to the future! I’m really excited.

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