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Breast Reduction Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 12

Patient Details

This is a 27 year old 5’6” and 190 pounds who wanted a breast reduction. In fact, she wanted them “removed”.  She is seen here after a bilateral inferior pedicle breast reduction with the removal of 483 grams on the left and 788 grams on the right.

She couldn’t be happier, and I actually left her with breasts.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Women with larger breasts can get very upset about them and want them gone for sure. The goal here was to make them as small as possible but leave her with some reasonable proportion. I think we achieved that goal.
  2. She looks different. She looks like she lost weight and she is taller. This is because of her reduction.
  3. There is no doubt that this procedure has changed her life for the better. She is actually really happy.
  4. Breast reduction surgery is generally “happy surgery”.
  5. The biggest “mistake” I see surgeons make is to leave a breast reduction patient with breasts that are too large AFTER surgery. Most patients want them SMALLER, that’s why they have sought out surgery in the first place. They are a burden on many different levels and the desire relief from their ample breasts.
  6. It’s possible to augment a reduced breast if there is any desire for an improved shape obtained with a breast implant. It’s one way of obtaining a larger breast that is also perky. It’s often best for women with really large breasts to have them formally reduced, and then a year later return for their implant.

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