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This is 27 year old young lady who is 5’2” and 192 pounds who was interested in a breast reduction and some liposuction. I told her that I felt it was better to first reduce her breasts, and if she were to lose twenty or so pounds I would entertain performing some liposuction.

She is seen here about seven months after a standard inferior pedicle breast reduction with the removal of about 700 grams of tissue from each breast. The scars are “anchor” shaped. She lost about twenty pounds and now she is interested in liposuction. She is planning on getting married in about six months so she is really excited about finishing off her second stage liposuction.

Interestingly enough, she also wanted to know if I would put in a breast implant at the time of her liposuction! Her breasts look beautiful and they are nicely shaped. I told her that with the liposuction about her trunk and extremities, her breasts will look a lot larger than they are now. She is really interested in superior breast fullness. I told her not to worry about her breasts and that it would probably be better to wait until after she has had children to revise her breasts. She was also wearing an unsupportive bra that doesn’t work to preserve the shape of her breasts. I immediately sent her up to a specialty bra store in the Austin area to be properly fitted. I need her to wear the ideal bra so the result of MY work is preserved!

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