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Breast Reduction Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 15

Patient Details

This is a 60 year old woman, 5’3” and 140 pounds who presented to me for a bilateral breast reduction. She seen here in the postoperative photographs after a bilateral inferior pedicle breast reduction with the removal of 412 grams of tissue on the right and 501 grams on the left. The scars are shaped like an anchor (around the areola, vertical line down to the breast crease, and a scar along the breast crease).

Lessons to learn:

  1. If you look at the horizontal line on the same mole in her before and after pictures, you can clearly see that her breasts have been “lifted”. What this means is that they don’t hang as low as they did before. So it’s interesting to note that they are not HIGHER than they were before, they are actually not a LOW as they were before. There is no increase in superior fullness.
  2. Less breast weight means less back and neck pain. You don’t feel like you are lugging around weights on your chest. The experience is liberating.
  3. These pictures are at six months (she is from out of town so I wanted to get photos while she was visiting Austin). Her scars are still red, but healing quite well. The indentions in her skin is from the bra that she is wearing.
  4. She was instructed to wear a form fitting/molding bra to shape her breasts during the first six months after surgery. There is NO DOUBT that this has helped the incredible shape that she enjoys. If you check around the web for post breast reduction results, you will clearly see that these look like implanted breasts ONLY because she wore a great molding bra. If you are considering a breast reduction, I would highly recommend that you invest time and money into a molding bra to start wearing two or three weeks after surgery 24/7 so that you too will get the best shape possible. Support your breasts!
  5. She wants me to do some liposuction under her arms because she feels there is fat there. This is not an uncommon request because after a breast reduction the amount of fat under your arms suddenly appears larger! We will do this on her next visit to Austin after about 12 months of total healing.
  6. Breast reduction procedures may be covered by health insurance. Check with your carrier. At Westlake Plastic Surgery, we don’t accept any form of insurance and payment would need to come from you if you would like me to perform your reduction.

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