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Welcome To The Era Of Natural Plastic Surgery

natural plastic surgery - the new trend

Our eyes see the unexpected and accept it as what is normal or what looks normal after expert plastic surgery. This is what natural plastic surgery is all about – looking the way it is supposed to look. Like Mother Nature did good work indeed.

“Natural plastic surgery results” is the marching order of the day for thousands of plastic surgeons making America beautiful. That request has come from the general population who have had to endure some pretty bizarre results from our collective hands. Personally, I am not in love with “plastic” looking results that actually make people look so different that they no longer look like themselves. This may be fine for a criminal trying to hide his identity, but it really isn’t cool for us common, law-abiding folks.

Go Into The Operating Room For A Nose Job Procedure

Why did this happen? From a mature, experienced plastic surgeon’s perspective, the tools that we had to work with and our limited experience using these tools in the realm of cosmetic surgery are the culprits. We had hammers, all patients were nails. We also had to learn how to get better with the techniques we were using to rejuvenate or enhance our patients. Maybe a little less pull works. Maybe things don’t need to be as big or tight as we once thought. Maybe our patients want results that look human and not alien. Maybe they just want to look like themselves back in their younger days.

The “unexpected” in the first line of this blog refers to features of us humans that are outside the norm. This is what everyday folks see and respond to. Examples include overly large breasts in women, any breasts in a man, a big hump on the nose, a really weak chin or ears that stick out too far. We are programmed to pick up on these variations that are outside the “normal”. If we reduce overly large breasts on a woman, remove any breast appearance on a man, shave down an obvious nose hump and pin ears back to the head then these “abnormal” features go away and you are simply left with normal. Expertly remove the “outlier” and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Great results from plastic surgery essentially will go unnoticed or appreciated as “you look different but I can’t tell why.”

Welcome to the era of “normal”, natural plastic surgery. A well done facelift that simply makes you look like you did 15-20 years ago. “I’m still Theresa but I look younger, more rested and rejuvenated”. “My breasts fit my body perfectly and my friends all tell me how nice my figure is.” “I don’t notice anyone staring at my nose anymore like they did before I removed the hump.”

Welcome to my world. I invite you to learn from my experience and discover natural plastic surgery at its finest.

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— Robert Caridi, MD
Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery
Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS)
Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
Member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Founder of the Austin Gynecomastia Center

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