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Breast Revision Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 47

Patient Details

This is a 62 year old woman who is 5’8″ and 175 pounds who had a previous breast augmentation done about 8 years prior to her visiting me. She complains that she has gotten older and they feel too big, they are too wide and they make her look overweight and matronly. They are heavy and low.

She is seen here after a breast revision procedure where I removed her 400cc plus implant and performed a breast augmentation with 300cc high profile silicone implants and removed 92 grams of tissue on the left side and 56 grams on the right side. I also reduced the size of her breasts with liposuction as well (750cc of fat). The “lift” part of the procedure was done with a vertical approach. I ended up having to take some skin excess out with a scar in the breast crease as well.

She is seen here about 7 months after her procedure. Her breasts are certainly smaller, higher and tighter. They look perkier, she looks thinner with a longer waist line and she says that her breasts are much lighter and less cumbersome than before.

Lessons to learn:

  1. She is in her sixties. It’s never too late for an adjustment like this as long as you are a suitable candidate for surgery.
  2. Larger implants make women look heavy when they get older. You may want to take this into consideration when you are going to have a first time breast augmentation.
  3. In many cases of breast revision, there is a benefit for using ADM or acellular dermal matrix to help support the internal tissues.
  4. The benefit of high profile implants in her cases is a narrowing of the breast. This makes them look less heavy and more perky.
  5. As I have written time and time again, this is complicated stuff best left to the most experienced plastic surgeons.
  6. Her breasts are not perfect, but they look quite good overall.
  7. She is very happy indeed. When I operate on “older” women with issues like hers, the satisfaction rate is quite high and they are very happy they had their breasts reduced and “fixed”.

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