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Breast Revision Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 71

Patient Details

This patient had a previous breast augmentation done elsewhere when she was 18. She presented me with various complaints—mostly about a contracted right breast and asymmetry. She has saline implants above the muscle. She also had symmastia or “kissing implants” that you can see in the photos when she moved her breasts towards the midline.

From a technical standpoint, I performed a breast revision by removing her saline implants and the capsule on the right that was contracted (you can see the capsule in the picture included). I moved her new silicone textured implants into a new pocket below the muscle (this helps with the potential for contracture and the symmastia).  I was able to move her very lateral nipple on the right into a better central location on her breasts. The implants I used were 385cc in volume.

The scarring from her first procedure wasn’t great. I used the same incision as was done originally. She is still working on making the scar finer with silicone sheeting and massage. She has a fungal infection on her chest area that makes for the appearance of the red splotching on her chest.

Her result is quite nice indeed. They are soft, symmetrical and the symmastia is gone. The larger implants fit better on her chest. The silicone implants feel more natural. The right nipple is better located.

There are many treatments that are offered when a breast contracture occurs, but the best usually involves new implants, a pocket change to below the muscle if they were on top of the muscle and a capsule removal if possible. It is unlikely that medications or drugs offered for a capsular contracture are going to do much if anything to solve this problem.

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