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Breast Revision Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 64

Patient Details

This is a 39 year old mother of three, who is 5’9″ and 162 pounds who had a breast augmentation done four years in another office. She complained that her left implant is contracted and it has been just about since her surgery.

She wanted this fixed and was interested in larger implants as well. I thought that her breasts looked attractive, so one alternative I suggested was to leave well enough alone. These where her specific goals:

  1. She wanted a softer left breast and a firmer right breast.
  2. She wanted better symmetry.
  3. She wanted larger implants.

She is seen here after removal of both her implants. They were textured 435cc silicone implants. The right implant was actually ruptured and the left one was intact. Her pectoralis muscle was retracted upwards and wasn’t really covering much of her breast implants. I replaced both implants with 500cc high profile smooth silicone variety in the same pocket and used acellular dermal matrix or ADM to help support her internally (using the muscle as a strap from the edge of the muscle to the bottom of the breast).

Her breasts are soft and symmetrical and she is very happy with her breast revision result. The pictures you see here don’t really bring to justice the difference that this woman appreciates.

Lessons to learn:

  1. One of her implants was ruptured and it was only four years old. When an implant ruptures is not entirely related to how long they have been present. Often, rupture of silicone implants is “silent” in that you don’t know that she shell is no longer perfect. It’s ironic that the soft breast was the one that had the ruptured implant and not the contracted one.
  2. ADM is used in my breast surgery depending on what I actually find at surgery. It comes in handy for sure. I don’t always use it, but often have it available if I need it. The use of ADM adds cost to your case, but it’s well worth the cost if I end up using it. If I don’t, you get a nice check back at the end of your case.
  3. I did liposuction of her lateral chest area as well. This is not uncommon as it can enhance the appearance of your breasts significantly if there is excess fat there.
  4. She had “double implant capsules” at surgery. This means that she had two different capsule layers around her implants. This is associated with textured implants and doesn’t mean much. It’s not abnormal or dangerous to you.

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