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This patient is 5 feet tall and weighs 92 pounds. She had a previous mastopexy technique because of sagging breasts. She came to me a few years later because she wanted “perkier breasts.” By all means her breasts are attractive, but she does lack superior fullness and her breasts are not particularly firm and they are situated lower on her chest than she would prefer. She wants to go braless at times and not feel like she needs a lot of support and that her breasts are not hanging low.

We elected to revise her breast augmentation (breast lift) and use a small 175cc silicone implant placed beneath her muscle. You can see her here at about five months after the procedure. Her breasts are certainly higher on her chest, they are indeed “perkier” and they are firmer and more youthful. There is an abundance of superior fullness.

What is the moral of this story? First, a mastopexy or breast lift only accomplishes so much. Remember that your breast has fallen in part because of your genetics, and in part because of other factors such as pregnancy, age, and gravity. Lifting will improve the result for sure, but often it’s not enough for those who want a more ideal result. Secondly, in this patients case you can see that she has a LOT of superior fullness and she enjoys this very much. You can make an argument that her implants have not completely settled quite yet and that is why they are sitting a bit high. This fact also shows how powerful the lift is and that the use of a perfectly fitting bra helps to support the result.

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