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Breast Revision Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 82

Patient Details

This patient had a previous breast augmentation and “lift” performed by another surgeon years ago. She had an incision completely around her areolas with the placement of saline implants.

Fast forward to today and her chief complaints are large, matronly appearing breasts that are simply uncomfortable and not attractive. They make her appear heavier than she is. They are asymmetrical and wide.

We discussed the option of a breast revision whose goal is to make smaller, more attractive and comfortable breasts that are also perkier and hopefully more symmetrical. To achieve this goal I will replace her saline implants for smaller silicone variety and shape up her breasts so they are narrower and smaller.

Her early results are promising. She has some asymmetries and fullness above her areolas but this will settle with time and if an additional minor procedure needs to be done it will be performed with local anesthesia.

These cases are complicated. There is a lot going on—many moving parts working at the same time on human anatomy that is mostly soft fatty tissue that changes with time, weight fluctuations, hormones and gravity.

Watch the three part video series documenting her procedure:

Breast Implant Exchange With Breast Lift – Part 1

Breast Implant Exchange With Breast Lift – Part 2

Breast Implant Exchange With Breast Lift – Part 3

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