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This is a revealing patient story about the benefits of a breast reduction. This patient obviously has large breasts. It runs in her family and all the females have large breasts. In her case, she had such pain and discomfort associated with her breasts that she was taking many medications for relief. They include Celebrex, Flexeril, Norco and Ambien. These are powerful medications that would make anyone loopy.

Since she had particularly large breasts that were quite low, AND wanted the benefits of a breast implant, I chose to offer her my breast reduction and augmentation procedure using a free nipple graft technique. This simplifies a VERY complex procedure and makes it safer and more reliable with an acceptable trade off in her case. With this free nipple graft technique the patient will lose all sensation to the nipple-areola complexes (she didn’t have much to begin with which is common in patients with such large breasts.

The post treatment photos are at 7 months from her surgery. She has a wonderful, youthful shape and her breasts are certainly smaller and sit up higher on your chest wall. When you see her in person the change for the better is simply remarkable.

She is now off all her medications and has no pain whatsoever. It has changed her life completely. She was an “L” and now she is a “DD”.

Unfortunately for me after 32 years in practice I never really connected the dots between surgery and life changing outcomes. I always knew if patients were satisfied or not with treatment but the ability of my surgery to positively impact a patient's life to such a degree is amazing. It’s important to remember that plastic surgery can cut both ways—unfavorable outcomes can negatively impact a patient just as well. For this reason it’s critical that you always scrutinize your surgeon's credentials and results to ensure you place yourself in the very best of hands.

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