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The story of many long term implant patients is one of additional procedures over time for various reasons. In this case, this patient has had multiple procedures over 25 years starting with an augmentation and then a lift and then another procedure for implant exchange. She had saline textured implants and right now saline isn’t as popular as silicone implants (silicone feels more natural and simply feel better). Textured implants are not favored for their potential relationship to a rare lymphoma. The jury isn’t out on this connection currently.

Lastly, she wanted larger implants and more cleavage. So in these photos 385cc silicone implants were removed and 565cc implants placed in the same submuscular pocket as well as a breast lift. Although the photos don’t look dramatically different, her breasts are larger and closer together and softer. She loves the difference.

It’s not uncommon for breast implant patients to request changes over time often because they have changed over time. Older skin becomes more lax and droopy. Patients hear that implants only last 10 years and they need to change them out (not sure there is much truth to this). Some patients want a size change (some larger, most smaller as their original size was too large). Issues such as excessive movement, poor symmetry and contracture will lead to implant adjustments/replacements as needed. “Implant Lifestyle” refers to women choosing implant size based on style related considerations—it’s like trading in an SUV for a roadster because you are looking for something smaller and perkier.

Breast revisions are complicated because of the previous procedures and should only be considered when in the most experienced surgical hands for your safety and achieving the breasts you desire. Seek out those surgeons who have been around a while and have a proven track record of success and patient satisfaction.

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