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Breast Revision Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 57

Patient Details

This is a 51 year old who is 5’7″ and 142 pounds who had a previous breast augmentation and lift done elsewhere. She complained of three issues—her breasts weren’t large enough, she wanted more cleavage, and she felt her right breast implant moved off to the side too much.

She is seen here after removing 300 cc saline breast implants below the muscle and replacing them with 500cc high profile silicone implants in the same submuscular pocket and adjusting the lateral aspect of the breast implant pocket on the right side to keep her implant more central on her chest wall.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Bigger is better in her case. I felt that she could support these larger implants. It’s interesting to me that she can’t tell the difference between her old saline variety and the new silicone implants. This is unusual. Most patients will tell me that they sense a HUGE difference between the two (this is probably the strongest argument for the use of the silicone implants from actual patients).
  2. Her breasts were nice before I got hold of them. Now they are nicer (if more is better).
  3. The larger implant does fill her out nicely and takes in some of the loose skin and provides for better cleavage.
  4. She looks pretty impressive in her clothing. She is relatively thin and attractive for her age. She “holds” her breasts well and I’m sure that she likes her assets and uses them to her advantage. Is that a bad thing?
  5. Finding the right bra can be frustrating to patients and myself as well. I send them to professionals and the standard department stores but finding just the right fix can be a challenge. I suggest that you learn from us what you need to experience when you are wearing a properly fit bra and you try them on until you find success. YOU need to be the expert. You need to protect your investment.

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