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Patient Details

This patient requested a breast revision for rippling of her saline implants, symmastia or “kissing implants” that meet in the middle of the chest and a moderate degree of bottoming out of her implants (they have fallen lower).

I removed her saline implants in the partially submuscular position, revised her breast pockets to fit the new implants, secured off the breast pockets so they won’t meet in the middle of her chest and reconstructed a new “internal bra” to support her new silicone implants placed in the same pocket with the help of ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix) which is a biological tissue used to “shore up” the internal breast so her breasts will be more stable and better positioned.

Basically, I did a lot of stuff to address her issues that resulted from poor surgery to begin with. The implants were too large for her small chest, they probably over dissected the pocket leading to symmastia and muscle retraction that was very significant. These issues typically result in poor judgment by the surgeon on an unsuspecting / trusting patient that obviously got more than she bargained for.

An important, if not critical aspect of the success of this case was that this patient was very compliant with the post-operative regimen necessary for this result. That means wearing a thong bra regularly for months if not longer (forever) to support her breasts. I can’t stress enough to patients that everything doesn’t end with the surgical procedure with plastic surgery. Much is done after treatment to ensure the very best result that lasts a very long time.

Better to get things right the first time. Better to choose surgeons who provide you with the best advice and are willing to tell you things you don’t want to hear as opposed to telling you what you want to hear so they don’t lose business. Honesty, experience and candor goes a long way to providing the very best for our patients.

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