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Breast Revision Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 43

Patient Details

This is a young mom who had a previous breast augmentation with us and was thinking that her implants were too large and heavy and that they settled to some degree off to the sides over time. She was augmented with 385cc moderate profile saline implants beneath the muscle through an incision at the bottom of the breast. Her figure is relatively thin and athletic.

She is seen here after a breast revision. I removed her saline implants and replaced them with 325cc high profile silicone implants in the same pocket. I did adjust the pocket so that it moved her implants to the midline. She is very pleased with her results, and finds her new size more comfortable and better proportioned. She really enjoys the “feel” of the silicone implants over the saline variety.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Too much can sometimes be too much.
  2. Change can be good.
  3. Women who have had both saline and silicone implants almost always prefer the silicone variety. In her own words the difference between saline and silicone implants is “Night and day. The saline was like having water balloons on my chest. Silicone seems more natural and fits my sporty lifestyle much better!”
  4. Shape is often more important than size.
  5. To keep her implants “up front” she needs to wear a bra that keeps them there. Most women do not wear the correct fit for their breasts.
  6. Like anything in life, moderation is key to success.
  7. High profile implants appear “perkier” than the low or moderate profile in most patients, but not always.

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