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Patient Details

This is a 51 year old male who presented to me complaining of gynecomastia since puberty. He told me that it was painful and that he has never taken off his shirt in public. On examination, he had fullness on both sides and he was tender on examination. He also had fullness under his arms as well (his side chest area). He is seen here after gynecomastia surgery with liposuction and gland removal through a small incision around the bottom of his areolas. He has lost THIRTY POUNDS!

His two complaints at six months out from surgery is some fullness in the medial aspect of his right chest and some wrinkling of the skin in the lateral chest area on both sides.

Lessons to learn:

  1. I’m extremely proud of his weight loss. I usually tell patients about my concerns with their weight. He lost this weight because his doctor was adamant that it was needed for health reasons and cosmetic reasons. He’s young. We gain weight and look less fit as we get older. It’s a constant battle for most of us. At his age you have to stop the “slide” to looking overweight and unfit and unhealthy. I try to educate my patients and use my surgery to jump start to the good life.
  2. The wrinkling of the skin along the lateral chest is normal, particularly in someone who is 51 years old. This complaint is not uncommon. When patients have the fullness removed from their chests, this simply becomes more noticeable because the skin is much closer to the muscle now and it creases with flexion of your chest muscle just the way your forehead gets lines from the use of the muscle in that area. This is normal.
  3. He is ONLY six months out from surgery. He will continue to heal under the skin of his chest for about two years. There is still healing activity going on and swelling. You must be patient and understand that it takes that period of two years for all the swelling to subside.
  4. He is happy, and his life has changed for sure. It’s not perfect (it rarely is), but it’s a lot better. To most people, he is normal as the day is long.
  5. He is from out of state. The Austin Gynecomastia Center now has up to half of our patients coming from out of state. We are grateful to all our out of town patients.

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