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This is the same patient as above. He had a previous procedure done elsewhere and then came to me complaining of asymmetry and excess tissue on the right side. I was fortunate to see him in the office recently because he wanted to show me how things have changed and thought I would appreciate some new photos for the website.

I had no idea what I was in for. These four photos show him over time. The first photo was his preoperative. The second was a photo at two months after surgery, the third at four months and the fourth at two yearsHe lost twenty pounds from the first to the last photograph. He said that I should tell my patients that it takes almost two years for the healing to be complete. Diet and exercise has helped him lose the weight. It’s an amazing improvement and he should be very proud!

What can we take home from his case? It takes longer than you would think to fully recover from a gynecomastia surgery procedure that involves tissue reduction. Liposuction alone heals much faster but will still take months for all the swelling to go away. When tissue removal is performed, it takes a lot longer, fluid will form after the procedure for several weeks and require periodic removal with a small needle and induration or hard healing tissue will be present for up to two years. This may need massage and occasional steroid injections to help soften. Another wonderful lesson is the power of weight loss and exercise in its ability to shape the body. There is only so much I can do at surgery. Sometimes to really obtain those “fantastic” results it up to the patient to make it happen. Getting well is sometimes all about giving it time. The recovery from this procedure, not unlike many other plastic surgery procedures, takes time so be patient and learn that wonderful improvements can come to those who wait.

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